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What are Uber Driver Requirements?

uber driver requirements

There are many Uber driver requirements. Uber doesn’t do a good job publishing Uber driver requirements because it varies due to local and state regulations. For one, Uber drivers must have a relatively clean driving record and also a clear background check. Uber typically requires applicants to submit to an Uber background check, which also requires an Uber driving record check.

If you want to apply for Uber, you can use the below link:

Sign up to drive on Uber

Uber Driver Sign up Process

Here is an outline of the Uber driver sign up process:

Uber Driver Requirements for UberX, UberXL, UberSelect

UberX, UberXL, and UberSelect are Uber services that do not require commercial livery insurance. They only require personal auto insurance, but many drivers have purchased rideshare insurance coverage in addition to their personal auto insurance. Uber commercial insurance covers Uber drivers when they are driving on Uber. You can find out about rideshare insurance in the below post:

Rideshare Insurance for Uber Drivers

Below are the Uber Driver Requirements for UberX, UberXL, and UberSelect:

More Uber Vehicle Requirements

Find out more information about UberX, UberXL, and UberSelect

Don’t have a vehicle to drive on Uber?

Uber Background Check

Every Uber driver must submit and pass an Uber background check, which is an important Uber driver requirement. The Uber background check also includes an Uber driving record check. The background checks and driving record checks are conducted by Checkr. Read more about it in the below post:

Uber Vehicle Registration

When you drive on Uber, you will need to provide a copy of your vehicle registration to Uber. Typically, you can take a picture with your phone and send it into Uber. The picture of the vehicle registration must show the pertinent information, including car make/model, license plate and expiration date.

You don’t need to be the owner on the vehicle registration, but you need to be listed on the vehicle insurance.

Uber Vehicle Insurance Requirement

To drive on Uber, you need the minimum state requirement for personal auto insurance. Uber does not require you have a rideshare endorsement on your personal auto insurance, but it is preferred and recommended in order to prevent issues when you make a claim while you are driving with Uber.

Like mentioned above, the Uber driver must be listed on the vehicle insurance. Typically, drivers can be added as authorized drivers on the policy. It is rather easy to add drivers, but it may increase the insurance premiums.

Uber Vehicle Inspection

In some cities and states, Uber requires an Uber vehicle inspection. In the cities and states that require an Uber vehicle inspection, Uber will either provide a location for a free Uber vehicle inspection or you can bring it into the Uber local office to get a free inspection. The inspection typically won’t cost you anything if they provide a location. If you have to pay for the inspection, it is typically $20 or $10 with a discount.

Here is a list of cities/states where an inspection is required by Uber:

Below, you will find a typical Uber vehicle inspection form:

Uber Driver’s License Requirement

Uber driver requirement is a minimum one year driving history if you are older than 23, three year driving history for drivers aged 21 and 22. The key is that the driving history must be in the United States. If you have just moved into the state, you will need to give your old drivers license information to prove you sufficient history on your United States driving record.

International driving history does not count towards the Uber Driver’s License requirement as the driving record requirement must be in the United States. You need to be driving in the United States for more than a year to drive on Uber.

Rasier Agreement

The Rasier Agreement is their standard independent contractor agreement that includes an arbitration clause and other legal agreements that Uber drivers must conform to.

You can find out more about the Rasier Agreement below:

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