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Sidecar Driver Tear-off Flyer

Sidecar Driver Tear-off Flyer

So I’ve been seeing an issue with the official Sidecar flyer for a few weeks now and finally was able to get it fixed. I had to use Acrobat Professional at a friends place and fix the PDF. The issue was that the code in the tear-offs was oriented the wrong way. I just had to change the settings so that it was rotated 90 degrees, but it didn’t seem as if anyone at Sidecar was willing to do that so I took it upon myself to get it fixed.

The PDF is laid out well so now it should be helpful for many drivers who are interested in using this tear-off flyer. I also enlarged the code on the main body of the flyers so its more prominent.

Below is the link to download the PDF:

Sidecar Driver Tear-off Flyer Full Size

Hope this helps!

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