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How to Get Almost Free Gas

How to Get Almost Free Gas

The Shell Gas Rewards program is an excellent way for me to get very cheap gas. I once saved up my points to get about $4 off of each gallon of gas, so I only paid 2 cents (thats $0.02) for each gallon of gas (up to 20 gallons of gas)! Below is the proof:


I will have to admit that you can’t get free gas each and everything time you go to the gas station. If I could do that, I’d be selling this blog post for $10 each. However, if you save up your points, you can get deeply discounted gas once a month or every other month. That can amount to hundreds of dollars a year! Remember that Fuel Rewards savings earned through the Shell Fuel Rewards program expire on the last day of the month immediately following the month in which they are earned.

This is how the program works: Link a credit card to your Shell Gas Rewards account, and spend $50 at certain participating stores (sporting goods, supermarkets, online shopping such as Newegg or Apple.com) and earn 5 cents discount on gas. If I spent $1000 at the above stores in a month, I would get $1.00 off of each gallon of gas or up to a $20 discount on a full tank of gas.

Here are some examples of past promotions that can generate huge gas savings:

This works best if you shop at Shell regularly and that they are reasonably priced. In some areas, Shell is about 20 cents more expensive than the local gas stations, so pick one that is not expensive and go there to cash in your gas rewards discount.

Here are the instructions on how to set yourself up for discounted gas:

If you have any questions, feel free to comment on this page!

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