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Download Amazon Flex App for Android and iPhone in 2019

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Download Amazon Flex App for Android and iPhone in 2019

Amazon Flex has an Amazon Flex app for Amazon Flex drivers. There is Amazon Flex Android app and Amazon Flex iPhone app. As part of the Amazon Flex onboarding process in 2019, you will get a link to download the Amazon Flex app. However, when you change phones on Android or iPhone, Amazon Flex drivers will need to download the Amazon Flex Android app or Amazon Flex iPhone app again. The Amazon Flex app isn’t available for download on the iOS Store for iPhone or the Android Play Store either, so the Amazon Flex App is a bit harder to find and download. Amazon also doesn’t publicly post the link to download the Amazon Flex Android app or Amazon Flex iPhone app.

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Make sure to check out the below link:

Here are some other relevant links for Amazon Flex drivers:

There are many Amazon Flex drivers who are still looking to get the Amazon Flex app. I had the same issue when I was signing up for Amazon Flex. When you finally get in to deliver for Amazon Flex, you will get an email outlining the survey you need to take. It will look like this:

The survey will be ask you questions about your age, type of car that you have and other pieces of information. Once you qualify for Amazon Flex and finish the survey, it will give you a link to the Amazon Flex app, which for me did not work:

When you get to this page, it asks you to save it since you cannot go back to retrieve this page. This Amazon Flex app link had already expired the previous week according to the error screen. Something that I didn’t know is that the Amazon Flex app is absolutely critical to the next step in the Amazon Flex onboarding process. For the most part, the end of the Amazon Flex onboarding process is the Amazon Flex Android app or Amazon Flex iPhone app. You will sign in to submit your driver’s license and social security number to start the background check, your checking account for direct deposit and your W-9 for tax purposes.

The last step in the Amazon Flex onboarding process are the 19 videos you will need to watch. Yes it is really 19 videos and it goes over almost everything. It goes through different delivery situations as an Amazon Flex driver, including attended and unattended delivery of packages, groceries and hot food from restaurants. I have to admit that the videos were great and worth watching. I had the Amazon Flex driver videos playing in the background at home and I was listening to it and looking over occasionally to see the workflow on the Amazon Flex application.

Amazon Flex Android App or Amazon Flex iPhone App?

Many more Amazon Flex drivers have Android phones but there are a few Amazon Flex drivers with iPhones. There are quite a few Amazon Flex drivers who bought Android phones just to work on Amazon Flex and this is not the first time this happened on other services. A few years ago, the Uber driver app was only available on iPhones so the only choice for a few months was to rent an Uber iPhone or get an iPhone and download the Uber driver app. A few months later, Uber driver app was available for Android so that alleviated the problem.

Here are some issues to consider when deciding between Amazon Flex Android or Amazon Flex iPhone App:

The Amazon Flex App Download for Android and iPhone:

There are three ways to download the application. Note that unless you have been specifically told to download the Amazon Flex app, having the application on your phone before that happens won’t help you in any way. You need to log in to the Amazon Flex app before you can use it:

  1. You can contact Amazon Flex with the email you used to sign up for Amazon Flex. The email is amazonflex-support@amazon.com. I emailed them on Thursday night and got a response by 6am PST the next morning. I am not sure if Amazon Flex is responsive to emails over the weekend, but I would expect them to be in case Amazon Flex drivers need help over the weekend. This would be my first option in order to download the newest application.

Amazon Flex App for ANDROID:

  1. You can use this link to download the Amazon Flex Android app. I have it behind a email filter because I have been asked to not have it publicly available.

Amazon Flex for iOS Devices (iPhone)

  1. You can use this link to get the Amazon Flex iPhone app for iOS. It is easier if you click this link from your iPhone since after the survey, it will automatically download the Amazon Flex iPhone app. (NOTE: on 2/7 there were issues with the update. If you have trouble, uninstall your iOS app then re-download the app using the link above.)

Hopefully this is helpful to you! If you have a copy of the Amazon Flex iPhone App and can share it with us, we will gladly host it for others to have in case they need the Amazon Flex iPhone app right away instead of waiting on support for a reply.

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