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How to Work for Uber as an Uber Driver in 2018

How to Work for Uber as an Uber Driver in 2018

I have been a Uber driver for more than four and a half years now and there has been so many changes to the platform. It can be confusing on how to start driving on Uber, but the steps required are pretty easy. There are various requirements for Uber drivers and the cars they drive, but this post highlights all of the requirements to start driving on Uber. Once you know what the requirements are, you will be able to sign up for Uber and you may qualify for a sign up promotion!

How Do You Sign Up For Uber?

You can start by signing up to work for Lyft as a Lyft driver. You can use the below referral link and get a bonus for completing a few rides:

Sign up to Work For Uber as a Uber Driver with this referral link!

Also, be sure to sign up as a Uber passenger and get $5 off your first ride!

Sign up to be a Uber Passenger with this referral link!

When you sign up as a Uber driver, you will need information such as your name, address, driver’s license number and social security number. Once you sign up as a driver, you will be asked to put in your car details. You will need a copy of your registration and car insurance in order to add a vehicle to your profile. You can either take a picture of these two items or load these on your phone and upload a screenshot to Uber .

It typically takes about a week to be approved as a Uber driver to run the background check and driving record check and pending a potential car inspection, you can be on the road in another day or two. In some states, it may take longer to get approved as a Uber driver because of the depth of the background and driving record check.

Why Drive for Uber as an Uber Driver?

Driving for Uber as a Uber driver offers people the ability to earn money whenever they want. In most Uber markets, you can go online with the Uber driver app and get requests for rides and earn money. There are certain hours of the day that are busier than others, but most drivers can earn money at any time.

If you enjoy driving, being a Uber driver is a good part time job. It is also a very good way to learn a new city and also meet all sorts of people. I usually start the ride with very basic questions about their day and I typically get people to talk to me about all sorts of things, like upcoming weddings or graduation plans.

How Do I Download the Uber Driver App?

Make sure that you sign up for Uber with the link above before downloading the Uber Driver App. The Uber Driver App is different from the Uberpassenger App so make sure you are downloading the correct application. Click the link below to download the Uber Driver App. Make sure to confirm your request for the app and you will get the download link for the Uber Driver app in your email!

Download the Lyft Driver App

What is Uber ?

Uber is a Transportation Network Company that connects passengers to driver. People can sign up to be a Uber Driver and drive passengers around with their own personal 4-door vehicles. The minimum vehicle requirements is a 4-door vehicle that can seat 5 people including the driver. Uber also allows for minivans, SUVs and pickup trucks that can seat 5 people and have 4 doors.

What are the requirements to be a Uber Driver?

In order to drive for Uber as a Uber driver, you need to be:

Most Uber driver applicants won’t know if they truly meet the above requirements until they apply to be a Uber driver. The first thing they do is run a quick background check and then an in-depth check on your driving record. Most people tend to pass, but there are a few who are rejected based on their background check, driving record or a combination of both.

What are the vehicle requirements on Uber ?

Below are the minimum vehicle requirements to be on Uber:

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