Here are some recommended best practices from our top dashers you can use to help maintain top-level quality of your hot bag and the orders you pick up.

Picking up food from the restaurant

  1. Count the items in the bag and confirm the items via the app.
  2. Don’t open food containers to inspect items; the restaurant staff will do that for you.

Transporting the food

  1. Keep food at its current temperature so that it does not spoil in transport.
    • To keep food temperature constant, wrap the food in a space blanket and carefully place the food in a hot bag.
    • Note: The “hot bag” is just an insulated bag and helps maintain the food quality of the food, whether the food is hot or cold.
  2. Put extra padding, if applicable, so food doesn’t slide around during delivery. If extra padding is needed to prevent the items from sliding, make sure the padding is clean.
  3. Do not dash if you feel sick or like you are getting sick. Your customers, merchants and other Dashers will appreciate knowing that they are regularly working with people who are healthy.


Hot bags last longer and retain their function better if you keep them clean. Before your next dash, review these best practices to keep your hot bag clean:

  1. Wipe your hot bag with a recommended household cleaner for kitchens.

  2. Use a clean towel or paper towels with water and wipe the cleaner residue.

  3. Use a new clean towel or paper towels to dry the hot bag.