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Why I Hate the New Lyft Passenger Rating System

After every Lyft ride, the Lyft driver has to rate their passengers before moving onto the next ride. The Lyft driver can put between and including 1 to 5 stars and there is an option for a comment. Last month, Lyft changed the workflow in that every passenger automatically gets five stars. If the Lyft driver wants to change a rating lower than 5 stars, they would need to do it manually within the Lyft app.

If the Lyft driver wants to change the rating, they will need to click on the trip counter, then find the trip they want to change the rating and click it. The Lyft driver will need to scroll down to the bottom to the “Rate Passenger” button. The prompt will come up for changing the rating.

Why I Hate the New Lyft Passenger Rating System

The main reason why I hate the new Lyft passenger rating system is that it makes it so difficult to change the rating for a previous Lyft passenger. It requires multiple steps in the Lyft driver app in order to find the option to change the rating. In addition, I didn’t see anything wrong with the current workflow. The option to rate the passenger didn’t interfere with the operation of the Lyft app and Lyft drivers can still accept or reject Lyft rides.

Changing the rating of a Lyft ride becomes much harder when you have rides back to back and the Lyft app doesn’t allow you to access your trip history. When a Lyft driver has back to back rides, they have to wait until they are off of a trip before going back to find the trip they want to change. This may be even more difficult when it is a busy night and you forget which trip you want to change, especially when the trip you want to change was a Lyft Line with multiple riders in the same trip.

What was Wrong with the Old Lyft Passenger Rating System?

From my point of view, there was nothing wrong with the workflow involving the Lyft passenger rating system. It only took a second to rate them five stars and press submit so I did not think it was cumbersome. In my opinion, I think it is best to rate the passenger right after the trip so that you can accurately rate them and leave an accurate comment before the driver forgets.

I usually rate my Lyft rides 5 stars so I can see how this is helpful to many Lyft drivers. It streamlines the process a little while also allowing drivers to go back and change ratings. However, I don’t believe that the time savings on every trip is worth the trouble it takes to go back and change one rating.

What I Like about the New Rating System

The only thing I like about the new passenger rating system is that I can go back and change a rating of a previous passenger, which Uber doesn’t allow. Sometimes it takes me some additional time to realize that a previous passenger had littered in my car and I usually rate them accordingly. I typically look in the rear seats to see any damage or trash that is left behind, but sometimes I miss something. Having the option to go back and change the rating for a passenger is very helpful.

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