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What Is the Best Android Phone for Amazon Flex Drivers?

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What Is the Best Android Phone for Amazon Flex Drivers?

Amazon Flex drivers need to run the Amazon Flex Driver application in order to work on the Amazon Flex platform. In most cities, the Amazon Flex application is only available on the Android operating system. The Amazon Flex app is available on iOS for Prime Now drivers in select cities so many Amazon Flex drivers buy a separate phone to work on Amazon Flex.

Here are some other reasons why Amazon Flex Drivers have a dedicated Android phone to work on Amazon Flex:

Why Do You Need Another Android Phone?

One Word. Speed.

Your phone needs to be fast in order to pick up blocks. It is best to get another phone (even if it is inferior) with nothing on it besides the Amazon Flex app in order to be faster at picking up blocks. Most of the “full time” Amazon Flex drivers I see at my warehouse have two or three phones with them, with an Android phone dedicated to Amazon Flex. Even my three year old Samsung Galaxy S4 seemed faster than my Galaxy S6 because I uninstalled every other application from the Galaxy S4. I was also able to pick up a few more blocks on my S4 than I did on my S6.

I have talked to many drivers in my warehouse and across the country on Facebook and here is the list of the most popular phones.

What Is the Best Mid-Range Phone for Amazon Flex Drivers?

Below is the list of midrange Android phones for Amazon Flex drivers:

Moto G5 Plus

The most popular phone among Amazon Flex drivers (outside of Samsung phones) seems to be the Moto G5 Plus because it can be bought from Amazon at a bit of a discount if you are willing to put up with the Amazon Ads on the lockscreen. I have seen quite a few drivers at my FC that has this phone, or its predecessor, the Moto G4. It isn’t as cheap as the G4 but it is significantly faster due to a newer processor. If you don’t want the Amazon ads, you can buy the ad-free version at a premium of about $100 over the option of ads.

By the way, this phone is compatible with Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0, so if you need a replacement charger, buy any from Amazon that specifies Quick Charge 2.0 or 3.0. Motorola calls their quick charging protocol as “Turbo Charging.” The best/cheapest one I found is Quick Charge 2.0 Wall Charger.

ZTE Blade V8 Pro

This is the second most popular phone mainly because of the camera and bigger battery. It is a little faster at scanning packages because of its dual-lens camera. This is in addition to the recent Amazon Flex app update that made the camera faster for Android phones.

Honor 6X

Third place would be the Honor 6X. It is the cheapest phone on the list and also has a dual-lens camera. However, it doesn’t work with any CDMA carriers such as Sprint and Verizon.

Honorable mention: Moto G4.

This was a great phone last year and there were a few dual phone Amazon Flex drivers who had this phone. This phone was cheap, with the lowest spec device at just $99 with the Amazon lockscreen offers. I would recommend spending the extra $50 for the Moto G5. You would be using this phone for hours on end, so its best to go with something that is a little faster, especially if you want to pick up blocks.

Alternate option: Used Android Phones

I personally have been buying used phones on Craigslist for years. The last few phones I have were from Craigslist and currently looking to get the Samsung Galaxy S7 in addition to my Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S5. The Samsung Galaxy S7 right now is hovering around $300 so it is quite reasonable considering the specifications. There is a lot more hassle to try to find a phone and make sure it works compared to buying a new phone. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is priced around $200, but it is now 2 years old, so I would guess that the battery would be much worst than a brand new phone of the same price. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is about a year old now, so the battery wouldn’t be as good as a new phone.

You can also buy used phones on Amazon (under offers) or on Swappa. I haven’t bought any used phones from either website, but it seems as if many people sell and buy phones on both websites.

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