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Can Deactivated Amazon Flex Drivers Be Reactivated?

Can Deactivated Amazon Flex Drivers Be Reactivated?

In my last post about the different ways an Amazon Flex driver can get deactivated, I spoke about two different types of Amazon Flex driver deactivations, temporary and permanent. There are certain reasons that will get you temporarily deactivated and others that will get you to be permanently deactivated. Below is the list:

Temporary Deactivation (likely for reactivation)

Permanent (not likely for reactivation):

How will Amazon Flex Deactivate You?

You will get an email from Amazon Flex and they will list a general reason why you were deactivated. They don’t go into specifics of when, but at least they tell you the reason. Here is what the email looks like (this was mines for hot/cold bags):

According to the email, you have 10 calendar days to reply to Amazon Flex deactivation via a qualtrics form. They claim that it may take them up to 3 weeks to process and respond to your information.

How Can You Contest an Amazon Flex Deactivation?

There is two ways to contest it. One of them is through the form in the Amazon flex deactivation email. The instant I knew I was deactivated (I was no longer able to log into Amazon Flex App), I called the Amazon Flex Driver Support Phone Number. They told me that there isn’t anything they can do about it over the phone, nor through the regular Amazon Flex support email as well. There is a specific Amazon Flex appeals email:

How Should an Amazon Flex Driver Respond?

You have 10 calendar days to fill out the form linked in the Amazon Flex deactivation email, so make sure that you take the time and figure out when you performed the offending act. By this time, you may have already received email warnings about this behavior. For this one, I received two emails, both in the same day, about not having insulated bags. I guess I did it one more time after that and got deactivated. I believe they operate on a three-strike policy but it i s just a guess.

When you do reply, make sure that you are polite in your email. Hopefully, you have a good idea of when it happened and why it happened. It works best when you acknowledge that you did something wrong. In the email, tell the truth about what happened and try to explain what happened. Explain how you have realized what the problem is and have already fixed the problem. Other drivers had good luck including these other items into the email:

You have only one chance to fill out the form in the Amazon Flex deactivation email, so make it a good one.

How Long Does It Take for Amazon to Respond?

They claim it takes up to 3 weeks for them to respond, but they sent me an email reinstating my account the next day after I sent in my appeal on the form. I would expect them to take a few days to respond to minor issues, longer for more serious issues. Here is what the Amazon Flex reactivation email will look like:

Even though I was reinstated the next day, it took about two days before my account was actually reinstated and reactivated in the system. I remember having a block two days after the email came in, but I was still not able to log into Amazon Flex until later that day, missing my block.

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