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Difference Between Amazon Flex Prime Now and Amazon Flex Logistics

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Difference Between Amazon Flex Prime Now and Amazon Flex Logistics

When drivers sign up for Amazon Flex, they are not sure about which type of warehouse to pick. On the list, Amazon Flex drivers will see the warehouse location (just city name) and then whether it is logistics (warehouse) or Prime Now. Both mainly operate out of a warehouse, but the two warehouse are for very different type of packages.

Amazon Flex Prime now is for 1-2 hour deliveries. To order for this type of delivery, you have to go through a separate website (primenow.amazon.com) and the ordering process is a bit different. However, you can get items within 2 hours. The items are fulfilled by a different warehouse. These statements is a drastic oversimplification of what Amazon Prime now is since it encompasses both dry goods, grocery items, and refrigerated grocery items like milk, yogurt, and ice cream.

Amazon Logistics delivers Amazon Prime packages.

Comparison Table of Amazon Flex Prime Now and Amazon Flex Logistics

Below is a quick comparison table between the two services:

Prime NowLogistics
Type of ParcelsParcels (in paper bags/insulated bags)Prime Packages (boxes)
Pay$18/hr + Tips ($22-$25/hr)$18/hr
Length of Blocks1,2,3, or 4 hr blocks3 or 4 hour blocks
Type of BlocksWarehouse and Restaurant-only BlocksWarehouse Only Blocks
Number of Stops2-10 stops20-50 stops
Number of Parcels5-20 parcels30-70 packages

Difference Between Amazon Flex Prime Now and Amazon Flex Logistics

Below is an in-depth comparison between Amazon Flex Prime Now and Amazon Flex logistics.

Type of Parcels

For Amazon Flex Prime now, drivers will deliver items in either paper bags (sealed with tape) or in insulated bags. For Amazon Flex logistics, drivers deliver boxes in all sizes. Amazon Flex Prime Now parcels don’t take that much room. There are some rare times when you get up to 20 parcels and it will fill up your trunk and requires putting a few in your backseat. It is rare that a Prime Now parcel will be difficult to fit in a normal sized car. With Amazon Flex logistics, they can take up the entire trunk and backseat. There can be times with a large box but it is easy to fit into a car. The number of packages may be an issue with a smaller 2 door coupes.


Amazon Flex Prime Now and Amazon Flex Logistics both pay a base of $18 an hour. Amazon Flex Prime Now drivers get tips with every delivery. Amazon Logistics drivers do not get tips.

Amazon Flex Prime now drivers can average between $22-$25 an hour whereas Amazon Flex logistics only get $18 an hour.

Type of Blocks (Shifts)

For Amazon Flex Prime Now, there are a few different type of shifts:

For Amazon Logistics, you are staged at the warehouse. You get the route for your shift and make the deliveries.

Length of Blocks (Shifts)

For Amazon Flex Prime now, the length of the shift can vary a lot. The most common are 2 hour blocks for a warehouse block and 3 hours for a restaurant-only block. There are also 1,2 and 4 hour warehouse blocks, and 2 and 4 hour restaurant-only blocks. I have never seen a restaurant block that is less than 2 hours.

For Amazon Flex Logistics, there are 3 hour blocks and 4 hour blocks. At some warehouses, there are 3 hour blocks in the morning and 4 hour blocks in the afternoon. Your warehouse may have it set up differently, or have completely converted to shorter 3 hour blocks.

Something to consider is how easy it is to get blocks. It seems more drivers are interested in Prime Now because of tips and higher pay, but there seems to be fewer available Prime Now blocks than logistics blocks.


For Amazon Flex Prime now, there are usually only 2-10 stops on a warehouse route, which normally takes between 60-90 minutes. On a restaurant-only block, expect about 2 deliveries per hour if it is busy.

For Amazon Flex logistics, there can be between 20-50 stops.

These are things to think about because trying to make 50 stops in a city can be difficult with parking. Sometimes, even doing 5 stops on a Prime Now route can be difficult if it is in the middle of downtown with limited parking spaces for non-commercial vehicles.

Number of Parcels

For Amazon Flex Prime now, there is a limit of 20 parcels and there is 5-20 parcels on a typical warehouse route.

For Amazon Flex logistics, there can be between 30-70 packages. If you have larger packages, you will get fewer packages. There may be times where you will get only a few small packages and other times a ton of packages. It depends on what you get assigned.


There are pros and cons to Amazon Flex Prime Now and Amazon Flex logistics. Amazon Flex drivers are paid more on Prime Now, while there may be more availability in shifts for logistics. Prime Now shifts tend to be shorter so you have more options to fit them into your day while Logistics blocks tend to be longer. There are much fewer parcels with Prime Now.

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