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Lyft and Uber New Years Eve Driver Incentives

Lyft and Uber New Years Eve Driver Incentives

Yesterday, I wrote a post about how Uber drivers and Lyft drivers should plan and think about how to drive for Uber and Lyft on New Years Eve. It is one of the most lucrative days to drive on rideshare, so I wanted to give some advice to drivers who are working that night. Below is a post on that:

There are quite a few drivers who would be rather be partying than driving, so there may not be as many drivers as a normal weekend. However, you will need to deal with drunk passengers, especially very late at night when the fares are the most lucrative between 12am and 3am.

Lyft NYE Hourly Guarantee in Seattle

Early this week, Lyft announced their New Years Eve driver incentive as hourly guarantees. Here is a copy of it in Seattle (I have seen similar ones in other cities, and  lower amounts especially during the 12-3am slot in other cities)

Just today, I received two separate additional driver incentives from both Uber and Lyft:

Uber New Years Eve Incentive in Seattle

Uber is guaranteeing $320 in net earnings (after commission) if we complete 12 trips between 10pm and 3am. Coupled with the Uberpool promotion in Seattle, it may be a very easy way to rack up $320. I’ll be testing the waters all night, but right now I’ll be focusing on Uber and if it doesn’t pan out, I’ll switch to Lyft at midnight.

Uber New Years Eve Boost Pricing in Dallas

There was a reader who posted this picture on my Facebook page. This shows two different guarantees. First, complete 7 trips and get a $100 bonus. The second is various boost pricing for drivers, and then a 2.5x boost guarantee between 12-2am, and going down to 2x between 2-3am.

I don’t think any of these bonuses will have much of an impact of the actual surge pricing on NYE. I believe many drivers will still see some very large surge priced trips. Maybe if the boost was above 3x and higher trip incentives would I expect surge to be lower.

How to Find Uber Driver Incentives

You should be easily be able to find the driver incentives or driver promotions right from the Uber Driver application.

On the main screen, drag the lower menu up to reveal a new list of promotions. Eventually you will discover some driver promotions in the list. If you don’t see it there, then you either don’t qualify for them or none of them are available in your city.

Lyft New Years Eve Incentive in Seattle

In addition to the above hourly guarantees for most of New Years Eve, they had another promotion:

Lyft is giving out a $6 bonus per trip, for up to 10 trips between 12am and 3am. This should help drivers beat the $80/hr guarantee during that time (before commission).

My New Years Eve Strategy

If I start before 10pm, I would be driving on Lyft and try for some of the guarantees. At 10pm, I will be starting on Uber, hopefully in downtown and try to get many short Uberpool trips. I typically average 3 trips an hour easily in downtown so I am hoping to get 12 rides by 1:30am. The rest of the night, I will be doing Uber and then Lyft for the last hourly guarantee between 2-3am.

I don’t have high expectations for NYE, but I am hoping to gross about $350, which would make it one of the most profitable nights for me.

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