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Amazon Flex Support Phone Number for Amazon Flex Driver

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Amazon Flex Support Phone Number for Amazon Flex Driver

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There is not a lot of information about Amazon Flex, so it would be typical that the Amazon Flex Support phone number isn’t listed anywhere. To be honest, I didn’t even know there was an Amazon Flex customer service number until a month into working for Amazon Flex. There is a number for when Amazon flex driver you are on shift, but I didn’t know there was a separate Amazon Flex support phone number for Amazon Flex driver that are not on shift.

Typically, these are the usual method of getting help from Amazon Flex:

However, Amazon Flex has a third option: through the phone. They have an Amazon Flex customer service number that is available to Amazon Flex drivers. They have two separate Amazon flex support phone number, one for when you are on an Amazon flex block and another when you are offline. See below for more information on both the Amazon flex support phone number and Amazon flex customer service number. I do not believe that the Amazon Flex customer service number are for Amazon Prime customers.

Amazon Flex Support Email

You can contact Amazon Flex with the email you used to sign up for Amazon Flex. The email is amazonflex-support@amazon.com. I emailed them on Thursday night and got a response by 6am PST the next morning. I am not sure if Amazon Flex is responsive to emails over the weekend, but I would expect them to be in case Amazon Flex drivers need help over the weekend. This would be my first option in order to download the newest application.

Amazon Flex Support Online Q&A Session

Amazon Flex runs two daily online Q&A sessions, one at 1pm EST and another at 4pm EST. Each session lasts for about 2 hours and you can log in at any time. Below is the link to find out more about how to log into the sessions. They can help with your Amazon Flex account or Amazon Flex app.

Amazon Flex Support Phone Number for Amazon Flex Drivers

There are two Amazon Flex support phone number.

When you are working on an Amazon Flex block, this is the Amazon Flex dispatch:

Make sure to only call this Amazon flex support phone number when you are online with Amazon Flex. They can only help with current orders and issues with a previous order, like reporting a late delivery or any other delivery issues.

When you are NOT working on an Amazon Flex block, this is for Amazon Flex customer service number:

This phone number can handle any account issues, Amazon flex app issues, if you have trouble signing into Amazon flex, if you have an order stuck on your Amazon Flex account and you cannot do anything else. They can handle any non-order related issues on Amazon Flex.


While almost everything can be done over email or through their Amazon Flex online Q&A session, there are sometimes when Amazon Flex driver need to contact Amazon support customer service number. I highly recommend you to save these two numbers so that you have them on your cell phone. I can’t guarantee that these numbers will stay valid for long and I will update it if they change or if they don’t work anymore and you know what the new Amazon flex customer service number is.

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