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How Uber Drivers Can Fight Back Against UberPool

How Uber Drivers Can Fight Back Against UberPool

UberPool is a feature on UberX where multiple sets of passengers can share the same vehicle. It was first introduced to drivers as a way to make more money by keeping busier and having more passengers in the car. After a few weeks, many drivers noticed that they were making less than they were before, mainly because UberPool rates were lower than that of UberX. The lower rates coupled with additional wait times and longer navigation routes meant that earnings were clearly lower than that of UberX.

In the beginning, you were just paid a flat rate of mileage and time for the entire trip. When you do the math, you will rarely make more than a regular UberX trip, even considering the longer routes and times. However, Uber changed the payment scheme earlier this year where you get separate mileage and time payouts for each customer, so essentially you can earn double or triple the UberPool fares, minus the base rate for the second and subsequent passenger. This helped to bridge the pay gap between what Uber was charging and how much Uber drivers were getting paid.

The change in how Uber drivers are paid helped to bridge the gap in pay, but Uber drivers are still getting paid less than if they got an UberX trip. Here are just a few reasons why Uber drivers are getting paid less for UberPool:

Despite that UberPool is bad for drivers, there are times when Uber Drivers need to take UberPool trips just to earn money. It is a frightening reality but it can be the difference between sitting idle for an hour, or earn a few bucks during that hour. Some drivers have no choice but to accept UberPool requests, but the below tactics may be able to change customer behavior so that everyone gets more UberX trips.

How Uber Drivers Can Fight Back Against UberPool

Every product feature depends on positive experiences by the customer. Any Uber feature depends on the customer having a positive experience with it and if you can disrupt that, then there is a way to shut down UberPool. If you can change the behavior of the customer itself, then there will be less UberPool trips. If you can get passengers to have a negative experience with UberPool, they may tell their friends and then it spreads.

The advice I am giving to fight against UberPool relies on taking advantage of certain features of UberPool. Below are some of the ways:

There are also other ways to ensure you get a cancellation fee, but those tips may go against Uber’s Term of service. Remember that some Uber passengers can’t find your car even if you are in front of them so rely on that fact when thinking of ways to ensure you get a cancellation fee.

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