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Amazon Flex App Allows Next Day Block Pickup

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Amazon Flex App Allows Next Day Block Pickup

Amazon Flex couriers in many cities received an email yesterday about the newest update to the Amazon Flex App.This was a pretty big change in the way couriers schedule and pick up blocks. I heard about this version of the application a few weeks ago, but unfortunately it was not available in my area. I heard that it was available in a west coast city. It seems that they have released this to a number of cities.

If you need a copy of the Amazon Flex App, see this post:

Amazon Flex App Allows Next Day Block Pickup

Below is a copy of the email I received yesterday:

Starting this week,

  • You’ll be able to accept or decline blocks released on Fridays for the following week. In the app, you’ll see these blocks marked as “Reserved” — meaning they are only offered to you! You will need to take action before the “accept by” times expire to secure these blocks. Any unaccepted “Reserved” offers will be released once the 24-hour “accept by” window expires.
  • You can accept next day blocks continuously throughout the day. These offers — available to everyone — for the following day will be released up to 24 hours before the block time instead of just at 10 p.m. the night before.
  • You will be able to view locations, start times, block lengths, and earnings estimates before accepting an offer. To see this information, just select an available block.

Learn More

Scroll down to see how these changes will look in the app.

Your feedback is an important part of the Amazon Flex experience. If you have any comments or questions, please contact Support at amazonflex-support@amazon.com.

Thank you for delivering smiles with us!

The Amazon Flex Team

How Do I Get The New Amazon Flex App?

Eligible couriers should get an update to the Amazon Flex App. The notification should appear in your app. In order to get an Amazon Flex App update, you will need to log out and log back in. I was notified of the Amazon Flex App update when I was trying to log back in.

Once you install the new app, it will show you the application version before you log in.

How is the new Amazon Flex App different?

First, on the dropdown menu on the left side, you will see a new option called “Offers” (see above). Also, on the home screen, you will see an orange button called “Check for Available Blocks.” This doesn’t mean that there is an open block, but you can check for it. This is different from the previous version where only if a block was available would the button show up.

There is now a separate screen with current offers for open blocks. For the power users who refresh the screen a million times an hour, this is a welcome change. You no longer need to press a button to see the open shifts. You can now keep refreshing the offers screen in order to see open blocks and now you are one screen closer to picking up blocks.

Will It Be Easier to Pick up Blocks?

I don’t think it will necessarily easier to get blocks. There are Amazon Flex couriers who refresh the app once a second and pick up blocks within a second and a half. The Amazon Flex App update will allow more couriers to pick up blocks in advance, which will cause blocks to be more scarce. However, it seems that blocks open up due to either another courier dropping the block or Amazon

The new Amazon Flex App won’t necessarily affect how couriers pick up blocks the same day. They are allowing couriers to pick up blocks more than 2 hours before the shift for the past few weeks now, so this new update won’t change the process too much. There will still be people who check the Amazon Flex App every second for open blocks.

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