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Uber Replaces Email Support with Phone and Uber Partner App Support

Uber Replaces Email Support with Phone and Uber Partner App Support

Over the past week, Uber have been slowly removing the option for email support. You used to be able to email support@uber.com from the email corresponding to your Uber Partner account and getting a response. There were also some specific email accounts for certain cities that also transitioned to the standard support@uber.com email address. There is a way to get email support, but only through initiating the support ticket through the app (see below)

Uber Partner App Support

It seems that Uber have done away with email support. Uber have been slowly expanding the help and support functions on the Uber Driver App. You can access the support feature under the Account tab and Help section:

When you click on help, you will see the following options:

In the help menu, you can see your recent support messages and also trip and fare reviews as well. It is an easy way to keep track of them outside of your emails (see below).

Try to find your issue in the help menu. Some items just have the answer, while some of the more common problems will have a write-in option that contacts support. I personally wouldn’t spend that much time trying to find your issue and contact support if you have a question. Most of the items under help don’t have a write in option to contact support so even if you did find an option under help, you may not be able to contact support about it.

Interestingly enough, now they have an official form for moving to a new city.

There is also a central place for Trip and Fare Reviews. I have been using it lately since a few of my UberX and UberPool trips have been off by a few dollars.

Once you click on Trip and Fare Reviews, you get a list of your recent trips. You have to click on the trip, then on the bottom, you will get a list of options to contact support about.

Below is the list of Fare Review options you can contact support about. I believe most of these options go to the same support line. To dispute a fare you think its wrong, I selected “Dispute a previously adjusted fare.” Make sure to include start and end locations of the trip. For some reason, they don’t use the one on the trip but ask you about it.

Email Support?

You will have to initiate the support ticket through the Uber Partner App first (see above) or call in to start a ticket. Their response will be through the Uber Partner App (see above) and through your email. You can continue to respond to Uber through the email you get. The support ticket will be to the email you have listed on your Uber Partner account. This would be the only option to reply to Uber through an email.

Note for those who have emails with periods in the middle. Some people put in periods so that they can use the same email for both rider and driver accounts. Lets say your email was uberdriver@google.com. The passenger account could be uberdriver@ but your driver account could be uber.driver@. If your driver account has a period in it, trying to reply to the support email may not go through since it is coming from a different account. Make sure you choose your “send from” address carefully. This has happened to me a few times. Its annoying but not a big deal once you know the solution.

Phone Support

You will also notice that there is a phone button on the top right hand side. This is where you can call Uber to get help with your account or any recent trips. This is a relatively new addition in the past month or two. This is slightly better than Lyft since Lyft also has a live number to call but only in emergencies like accidents.

I have only used the in-app support for trip reviews but this may be a faster way to get fares reviewed.

Note: There are a few cities that do not have phone support. In this case, they still have the email support but this is only in a few cities.

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