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How to Sign Up for GrubHub Driver and Onboarding Info Session

How to Sign Up for GrubHub Driver and Onboarding Info Session

Grubhub is a food delivery service. Customer order through an app and couriers go to restaurants and deliver the food to customers. It is similar to Postmates but everything is already prepaid and orders have been put in. Unlike Postmates and Doordash, GrubHub driver won’t have to order or pay at the restaurant. GrubHub driver go to restaurants to pick up the food and then deliver the food. This reduces the time for each deliveries and streamlines the process a bit.

Here are a few details about being a GrubHub driver:

Signing up to be a GrubHub driver

Signing up to be a GrubHub driver involves a multi-step application. For each step in the application, you get an email confirming your choice, which is kind of nice.

Step 1: Questionnaire

In this step, you answer a few questions about your phone type and operating system version, along with a few other details.

Step 2: Profile Setup

This is where you put in your name, address, and driver’s license information. This was the first service that didn’t ask for my other driver’s license since I have been in Washington state for less than a year.

Step 3: Equipment Selection

In this step, you will chose what type of insulated bag you want. You can either use your own (free) or get a set of two insulated bags but the stipulation is that you have to wear the GrubHub driver shirt when you make a delivery. I haven’t received my Grubhub bags and shirt yet and it has been over a month. They say it gets sent out after the onboarding info session but I have yet to receive it.

Step 4: Direct Deposit

In this step, you will need to submit your direct deposit information.

Step 5: Tells Us About Your Vehicle

In this step, you will put in your vehicle information. Grubhub will ask for your license plate, car make and model and insurance information. Grubhub will also ask you for policy coverage information. This is the first time I had to submit that. This ensure you have adequate coverage for your state. GrubHub driver will find it in your car insurance policy documents. It will be the first page of the multi-page policy information.

Note that you do not need commercial insurance. I submitted my policy information from my personal car insurance.

Step 6: Background Check Authorization

In this step, you will need to put in your social security number and then click to submit to a background check before you can become a GrubHub driver.

GrubHub Driver – Delivery Partner Pay Rate

You will get a separate email containing the GrubHub driver pay rate for your city. The GrubHub driver base, distance and minimum hourly guarantee varies by market.

This was the email I receive. Note that your local GrubHub driver rates will differ. This is the rate for a GrubHub driver in Seattle:

What is your pay?

You will be paid $5.75 + $0.50 per mile + 100% of your tips for every order you deliver. If you make less than $13.00 per hour any day, Grubhub will contribute pay, so that you receive a minimum of $13.00 per hour. You must accept 75% or more of the trips offered to you that day to receive this contribution.

What else do you need to know?

  • These payment terms offered to you may change from time to time, and Grubhub will notify you when that happens.
  • Each time you sign up for blocks in WhenIWork, you are accepting the most recent payment terms that have been offered to you.
  • When a new offer has been made, the payment terms outlined in this email will expire.
  • It’s your responsibility to check your email, so that you know the current payment terms.
  • Your pay will be deposited weekly.

How is your mileage calculated for the per mile fee?

  • The per mile fee will be paid based on the straight-line distance between the restaurant and the diner. The particular route taken will not be considered.
  • For a trip involving multiple orders, the per mile fee will be paid based on the sum of the straight-line distances between the restaurant and each diner in the order. For example, from the restaurant to the first diner, from the restaurant to the second diner, and so forth.

What other nitty gritty details do you need to know?

  • You must comply with the terms in your GrubHub Driver Delivery Partner Agreement to receive these payment terms and your pay.
  • These payment terms will also expire if you or Grubhub terminates your Delivery Partner Agreement.

You will need to click through and sign the agreement on Docusign. There will be other documents you need to sign on Docusign.

GrubHub Delivery Partner Agreement

You will get another email about signing the GrubHub Delivery Partner agreement. It looks like the standard independent contractor agreement that gets sent to all GrubHub drivers. You will need to sign this document on Docusign as well.

Here is a copy of the Grubhub Delivery Partner Agreement as of September 24th, 2016:

Onboarding Info Sessions

Before you start delivering for GrubHub, you will need to attend an Grubhub info session or a Grubhub orientation session. Below is the list of cities they have an office in. If you don’t see your city, then you will need to check the “Online” option and you will see a presentation with a GrubHub employee talking through the slides.

Here is the link to schedule your info session. The dates and times vary by city so make sure you click on the right city:

The slides cover pay, the application and scheduling. Unfortunately, you will not have access to the GrubHub driver app until after the info session, which is weird. You can try to download the Grubhub driver app with instructions in the below post but I don’t think they activate your Grubhub driver account until after the info session:

I showed up to the Grubhub driver info session a few minutes late, but here was what I was able to capture:


Introduction to GrubHub

Getting started with GrubHub

Scheduling in WhenIWork

Making a delivery

Tips and Tricks for Success

Items on your “Hit the Road” Checklist


Contact Information

There are two different places to contact Grubhub, Grubhub Driver Care (phone) or Grubhub Driver Specialist (email). Grubhub Driver care (phone) deals with on-delivery issues (order issues, delivery issues, road issues, etc), while Grubhub driver specialist (email) takes care of other non-delivery related items, such as account issues, pay and scheduling.

Next Steps

You will get a series of emails from GrubHub. One of them is where to download the Grubhub driver app. You can see the instructions on how to download the Grubhub driver app below:

Another is an invitation to join WhenIWork. This is how you schedule yourself to work as a Grubhub driver. Remember that you need to be on the schedule in order to get jobs on Grubhub. (This is technically not true. You can accept jobs when you are online with Grubhub, but you will only get the minimum guarantee if you are on shift. They also claim other liabilities when working while you are not on shift. I highly advise that you do not work when you are off-shift on Grubhub).


This was a short quiz at the end of the Grubhub orientation session. I don’t believe that it was graded but it reminds you of what they went over during the Grubhub onboarding session


Here are some answers to last minute questions you may have.

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