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How to Sign Up to Deliver for Amazon Flex or Amazon Prime

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How to Sign Up to Deliver for Amazon Flex or Amazon Prime

The process for signing up to deliver for Amazon Flex or Amazon Prime is not very straight forward. It is all done online with no formal meeting or face to face interview during the entire process. Below, you can find the Amazon Flex driver sign up page

At this time, there is no signup bonus since the pay is usually fairly good relative to the other delivery services. Once you register on the Amazon Flex website, it make take a week or two to get an application update email from Amazon Flex.

Where is Amazon Flex available?

Here is the list of Amazon Flex regions that Amazon Flex is currently hiring:

Here is the list of Amazon Flex regions that require a waitlist:

I recommend anyone interested to apply right now. It may take a long time to get approved but it is a good option to have in addition to the other delivery services.

Amazon Flex Driver Application Update

I got the below email about a month after I signed up so be patient. If you are anxious about getting started sooner, email them .amazonflex-support@amazon.com. When you finally get in to deliver for Amazon Flex, you will get an email outlining the survey you need to take. It will look like this:

The Survey

Here are some screenshots of the survey:

The first few screen asks about your car details, car registration, car insurance, and drivers license information. This is to verify that you have the right type of car and that you have a current drivers license. I picked that I have a full size 4 door sedan, but the minimum requirement is a 4 door sedan. I am not sure if you would get rejected if you pick a medium 4-door sedan.

The next screen checks what kind of smartphone you have. iOS is only supported by Amazon Flex in a few markets so it is best to use an Android smartphone with Amazon Flex.

The next screen is an agreement to uninstall the Amazon Flex application if you are no longer a courier with Amazon Flex. You can’t use the application unless you are a courier, so I am not sure why they need this stipulation.

The last screen was the link to download the Amazon Flex Android app. However, the link was broken.

When you get to this page, it asks you to save it since you cannot go back to retrieve this page. This link had already expired last week according to the error screen. Something that I didn’t know is that the application is absolutely critical to the next step in the process.

If you are interested in downloading the Amazon Flex App, consult this post to get the application:

The Amazon Flex App

For the most part, the end of the onboarding process is the Amazon Flex App. You will sign in with your email and password to submit your driver’s license and social security number to start the background check, your checking account for direct deposit and sign your W-9 for tax purposes.

The last step in the onboarding process are the 19 videos you will need to watch. Yes it is really 19 videos and it goes over almost everything. It goes through different delivery situations, including attended and unattended delivery of packages, groceries and hot food from restaurants. I have to admit that the videos were great and worth watching. I had them playing in the background at home and I was listening to it and looking over occasionally to see the workflow on the application.

Amazon Flex Weekly Q&A Session

Amazon has an online Q&A session every weekday excluding holidays. To get more details about these session, refer to this post:

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