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How Existing Uber Drivers Can Get a $300 Bonus

How Existing Uber Drivers Can Get a $300 Bonus

A question I get a lot is if there are any bonuses for existing drivers after they have started driving. For the most part, bonuses are typically driving bonuses given to random drivers in order to get them to meet a certain goal, like be online for a certain time period (hourly guarantees) or complete a certain number of trips (bonus after set number of trips) in certain times during the day. Another way an Uber driver can get a bonus is if they refer a new driver to Uber. Once the new driver meets a certain number of trips, they can get a bonus.

You can take a look at this post for more information about Uber’s new driver referral bonuses.

How Can You Get the Bonus?

Some drivers may not like this, but the bonus is for signing up for an Uber Eats or Uber Rush driver account. This is Uber’s delivery service and you will be delivering food on Uber Eats and packages on Uber Rush. Uber Rush is due to launch in Seattle in September but it may be live in some cities now. I believe it is worth it to do it for the bonus. Some drivers noted that they don’t want to get Uber Eats or Uber Rush deliveries. I personally don’t mind since its fairly easy most of the time, but it can throw you off your game to be doing Uber and then getting a delivery since it is two very different jobs.

Now there are three different type of Uber accounts:

I know that a driver can have both a X and Black/SUV account since the requirements in terms of background check is much different. However, there is often no signup bonus to sign up for an UberBlack or SUV account. However, Uber Eats/Rush is the third type of account and you can have this account at the same time as your other accounts. I have verified it with an Uber representative that you can have an Uber Eats/Rush delivery driver account and a separate UberX account. In some markets, you may get delivery requests alongside UberX requests but I believe you can still sign up for a separate Uber Eats driver account.

In some cases, it is beneficial to sign up for a separate Uber Eats or Uber Rush account. These accounts don’t have the strict car requirements as regular Uber so you can use almost any car you want, like older cars, cars with only 2 doors, or cars that are not in good condition. When I signed up for Uber Eats, all they needed was my registration and proof of insurance and I was onboarded after that. My car’s registration and insurance were both out of state at the time so this is an option for those who are moving from one state to another and need something temporary before they can start doing Uber again.

The beauty of signing up for another Uber account is that you can refer yourself! When you sign up for an Uber Eats account, use your own referral code! The Uber representative actually asked me to do that and I asked him if that was allowed to do. He explained to me how these accounts are separate so you can.

Here is the bonus details:

Note that these bonus amounts and requirements may change without notice but it was valid as of the publication of this post.

What if you are already an Uber Eats driver?

If you have the correct vehicle for doing rideshare, try to refer yourself as an UberX driver! I believe it can work both ways. The bonus will be different so you will need to check the post above about Uber referral bonuses, or email support@uber.com for more information about the new rideshare driver referral bonus in your market.

What if you are not an Uber Rideshare Driver?

You can use this link to sign up for an Uber Rideshare driver or Uber Eats Delivery Driver:

Note that these bonus amounts and requirements may change without notice but it was valid as of the publication of this post.

Where can you sign up for an Uber Eats Delivery account?

Unfortunately, Uber Eats is not available everywhere but they are expanding. Below is the list of cities Uber Eats is live in. (Note that I am not sure if drivers in London, Paris, Ottawa, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, and Toronto can do this. I have verified that it works in the United States, but it is worth trying out. If you are not sure, go into your local Uber support office and see if you can do this.)

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