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Stride Drive Helps Uber Drivers Track Tax Deductions and Expenses

Stride Drive Helps Uber Drivers Track Tax Deductions and Expenses

This post is sponsored by Stride Drive. They offer a FREE mileage and expense tracking application for rideshare and delivery drivers to help reduce their tax liability.

Stride Drive Can Save Drivers Hundreds a Month with Combined Mileage and Expense Tracking

The most important piece of advice I give to drivers is to keep track of their mileage when they drive on Uber and Lyft. It is the biggest tax deduction I take and it is easier than keeping track of all car related expenses. This is usually the easiest deduction to keep track of for part time drivers. For full-time drivers, they may yield an even bigger tax deduction by keeping track of their car expenses since close to 100% of those car related expenses can be tax deductible.

There are various apps that help drivers track deductions, some do just mileage tracking while others do deduction tracking. Stride Drive is an app that does both: it helps drivers track their mileage and driving related expenses. The app encompasses mileage tracking along with expense deductions so it adds up all of your possible deductions. It shows you every day what you have deducted plus what you currently owe, so you’re never surprised by taxes while also maximizing all the deductions you possibly can.

To get the free Stride Drive app, visit the below link to sign up for free!

Here is more detail on what the Stride Drive app is capable of:


Here are the type of deductions they can keep track of:

Do you find a deduction that is missing? Well this list is geared for drivers who take the generous Standard Mileage deduction which means you don’t need to track things like gas, car maintenance and car interest payments or lease payments because they’re already included in the Standard Mileage deduction rate. Stride has created a Rideshare Tax Deduction Guide to further help drivers save money. My tax deduction guide also explains a bit more about what you can and cannot deduct:

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