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Uber New Driver Referral Bonus up to $700 in August

Uber New Driver Referral Bonus up to $700 in August

[Update: Offer is still valid as of December.]

Uber is constantly changing the signup bonuses in each city. I get a lot of emails every week about how much the signup bonuses are in each market and I try my best to find out. I normally have to email into their support email in order to find out for each individual market. After a few emails, I was able to find the signup bonus for new drivers in a few Uber markets.

I have seen these signup bonuses since January and they have been on the rise over the past few months. On average, it is $100 after 10 trips with the highest being $700 for drivers in San Francisco. Below is the list I have gathered so far. Note that these bonuses can change without notice so it is best to check with Uber Support for the actual bonus after you sign up. You also have 30 days from when you become an active driver to complete the trip requirement:

CityBonusTrips in 30 Days
Lake Tahoe$200100
Los Angeles$25075
New York City$50025
Orange County$25075
San Diego$55075
San Francisco and Bay Area$700100
Silicon Valley$700100

How Do I Sign Up?

You can sign up for Uber. Note that these bonuses can change without notice so make sure to email support@uber.com to confirm your signup bonus.

If you are not a Lyft driver yet, you should consider signing up for Lyft and become an active Lyft driver before signing up for Uber. You may get a larger bonus if you do this (see below). See this link for more details about Lyft’s signup bonus.

What If I am a Lyft Driver?

If you are a Lyft driver, there is a separate bonus offer for you. Your bonus offer will usually be between $250-$500 after 25 trips, depending on the market. Most markets will have this bonus and is separate from the above new driver bonus offer.

Here are the requirements:

You can sign up for this bonus offer from Uber

I would encourage all Lyft drivers to sign up and try Uber. I know many Lyft drivers who did their trips on Uber, got their $500 and then went right back to Lyft. It is a quick way to make a few hundred bucks and broaden your rideshare experience to make you a better driver. I average about 2.75 trips an hour with Uber so it should only take you about 9-10 hours to finish the 25 trips. It will be up to you to decide if Uber is worth it to you long term after you get your $500.

By working on both platforms, you have a much higher chance of reducing wait times and boost your earnings. Sometimes only Lyft has PTT, and other times only Uber has Surge Pricing. I switch between the two depending on which one has the higher multiplier. It’s one of the ways that I increase my earnings every time I am driving, sometimes doubling my hourly income based on PTT/Surge Pricing.

What if you are already driving on Uber?

Well, this is a perfect time to recruit your friends to drive for Uber as well. When you are an Uber driver, you can now use your referral code to get your friends to sign up under your code and often you get a referral bonus too. I know a few drivers who have recruit many of their friends and get thousands a week from keeping updated on the latest promotions and being proactive about recruiting. Remember that half of all drivers quit anyway and many don’t stay on for very long so find friends who you think won’t do this long term and sign them up to avoid diluting your own driver pool. Most of my referrals have stopped driving so I’m not really concerned about my referrals leading to surplus of drivers.

Have more questions about Uber or Lyft? Head on over to our Rideshare Driver Training Course! Driver Promotions
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