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How Uber Drivers Can Get Commercial Free Pandora

How Uber Drivers Can Get Commercial Free Pandora

Uber have been emailing drivers for the past two weeks about how to sign up for Pandora and listen to Pandora ad-free for a limited time. Yesterday’s email clarified how you can listen to Pandora and that it was free until 12/28/2016 or until supplies last (to cover their own ass if a billion drivers get it for free).

Uber enabled Uber driver accounts to link with Pandora so that passengers could continue to listen to Pandora when they got into the car. Many drivers didn’t do this for many reasons:

  1. Pandora uses the internet and if you have anything other than T-Mobile, it would eat into your data plan
  2. The driver would have to connect the audio to the car (a requirement for Uber Pandora Integration to work)
  3. The driver would need to connect his Uber account to Pandora, which is extra work for the driver
  4. The driver often doesn’t want to listen to whatever the passenger is listening to. I’m usually ok with them changing the radio station (I’m still shocked a young 20-something knew how to use a radio and what station to listen to), but I would much prefer not to hear something coming out of their phones.
  5. Depending on the type of phone charger you have, it may use enough power to overwhelm your car charger.

The first reason is the main reason why many drivers haven’t done it yet. Pandora wastes data. My wife streams music on occasion (30 minutes a day on weekdays) and it uses up around 2GB of data. Imagine driving 30 hours a week with Pandora on all the time. Unless you have an unlimited data plan or T-mobile, you would drain your data limit. And even if you didn’t, are you willing to sacrifice your data limit for the comfort of your passengers for about 10 minutes per trip?

The deal is for when you are online and offline on Uber, so technically you can listen to it whenever you want. However, I would mostly listen to it at home or through my T-mobile phone so that I don’t eat into my data limit.

How to Get Commercial Free Pandora

There was an email that was sent to all drivers that look something like this:

The link is sent to every driver account and it should look something like this:

Once you click on that link, you will meet a screen similar to the screenshot below:

You can either log in with your existing Pandora account or sign up for a new account. Linking your Pandora account won’t affect your account when the passenger plays their music through Pandora and you will retain your custom playlists and channels when they exit the vehicle. If you are paranoid, you can always start a new separate Pandora account for just Uber.

Once you sign in or sign up for a new account, you will end up in your Uber Partners account, under a new tab Music:

You can disconnect this particular Pandora account from Uber at any time, in case you want to switch it to another account.

What if I didn’t get an email from Uber?

You can also enable the Pandora integration within the Uber Partner application or from the Uber Partner dashboard online.

You can see the below video on how to do link your Pandora account with the Uber Partner application and also how to play Pandora through the Uber Partner application.

I am posting about it only to tell drivers on how to get free Pandora and not really to get Uber drivers to use Pandora when they Uber.

How would you use free Pandora? Would you use it for your passengers or mainly use it at home or in your spare time?

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