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How to Drive Uber and Lyft During Major Events

How to Drive Uber and Lyft During Major Events

The busiest time on Uber and Lyft can be major events, like the Republican National Convention last week and the Democratic National Convention this week. However, the busiest time doesn’t always mean the most lucrative times. When there were much fewer drivers, any type of weather event like rain or snow, or concert/sports event would send surge to over 4x. Now with so many more drivers, it is tougher and tougher to get surged rides.

In smaller markets, there are much fewer drivers around so any kind of unexpected demand could easily enable surge pricing. Just a few days ago, I was scanning all of the Uber cities to see their fare prices and I noticed how some cities had almost no drivers available and a handful of cities had city-wide surge pricing, which doesn’t happen anymore in the larger cities.

So how would a driver prepare for a major event like the Democratic National Convention or any large conference in your major city? The key is preparation, scheduling, and a plan of where to drive. You would mostly likely make more money working during the Democratic National Convention, but in order to maximize your earnings during the time you drive, it is best to be prepared. Your preparation and planning will depend on what type of major event it is.

Two Different Types of Major Events

Here are two different types of major events based on how attendees leave the venue:

How to Adjust Your Plan

Advanced planning will only go so far. In this dynamic world of rideshare, the best drivers always observe the current demand, adjust their plan and adapt to the changing supply and demand. Here are the blueprint on how to adjust your driving plan:




These thought process are what it takes to stay ahead of other rideshare drivers. It pays to plan ahead, but it also crucial that you observe the market around you and adapt accordingly. If there are too many drivers around and you cannot get a request, it is best to go home, rest and drive another time. It is not smart to fight against the market forces that are working against you.

How would you approach planning to drive for a major event? Do you go through a similar thought process? Let us know in the comments below!

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