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Uber and Lyft Driver Rideshare Insurance July 2016 Update

Uber and Lyft Driver Rideshare Insurance July 2016 Update

Last year was a big year for car insurance coverage for Lyft and Uber rideshare drivers. Back in 2014, almost no insurer would cover rideshare drivers explicitly. In January of this year, there was rideshare insurance in one form or another in 29 states, which is a huge change from the previous year. Insurance companies did not start publicizing policies until the fall of last year but more companies are actively adding policies in numerous states.

Rideshare Insurance Coverage Summary

The great news is that drivers in 44 states as of July now can get auto insurance that also covers their rideshare activities (Period 1). Many insurance claim that it will add about $20-$40 a month to their premium, which isn’t bad for the increase risk of our rideshare activity. I have listed all 50 states, even though Uber only operates in 46 of those states. I have also listed if there are rideshare insurance in every state in my master insurance post:

July Update:

Farmer and Geico was very active in adding rideshare insurance coverage in more states over the past three months. Here are the states that now have rideshare coverage that did not have it as of January 2016:




Full State List:

Here are the states and the insurers who have rideshare endorsements:

The Big Rideshare Insurance Issue

The insurance issue comes from the fact that rideshare is considered “for-hire”, therefore considered to violate personal auto insurance terms of conditions. Uber and Lyft both carry their own commercial insurance but the problem is that the insurance is not primary in some instances. The “grey area” is when you are online with Lyft and Uber but with no passengers in the car. Many are calling this “period 1” coverage.

Many personal auto insurance won’t even cover you during “Period 1” so that leaves Lyft and Uber drivers at risk of covering the accident out of pocket. The current status quo was to tell your auto insurance that you weren’t on Lyft or Uber, which is unfortunately a crime. However, there are now options for drivers in many states

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