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Mental Health Charity Lyft Drive Day 5: 800 miles through Georgia

Mental Health Charity Lyft Drive Day 5: 800 miles through Georgia

I woke up around 8am and started driving. I had to stop at the Jenkins Hyundai dealership outside of Tampa on my way up to Atlanta since I was a bit overdue for an oil change. I normally would replace it after 5k miles but the warranty requires I get a regular oil change at around 3k miles, so I usually push it to about 4k miles. It took about an hour without an appointment and only cost $20. The really sketchy thing they did was that they showed me a dirty air filter and told me it was mine and that it needed to be replaced. I thought $90 was way too steep so I would just replace it myself from Autozone. I decided to check the air filter before I bought some new ones and they looked brand new! The one the service associated showed me wasn’t even my own. I’ll definitely be leaving a Yelp review warning other customers about this. I also lingered at the dealership a little longer to use the wifi and to load the Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire) audio books on my iPhone. Also, I got a free car wash with the service so I went to the nearby car wash to redeem it.

After leaving the dealership, I finally got on the road around 11:30 and didn’t get into Atlanta until about 5pm. It was a very long drive out of Florida. I didn’t get to the Georgia border until about 2pm. When I got into Atlanta, I drove into downtown and got a ping from the Hyatt Regency a few minutes later. I took a family uptown for a very quick ride. By the time I dropped them off, the temperatures in Atlanta was hovering around 100F. I suspect the heat was affecting my gas mileage since it was in the low 30s, as opposed to mid 30s when I was driving south towards Florida.

As I was driving north, I stopped at a local general store for some Peach ice cream and other peach preserves. When you drive through Georgia, you’re going to see a lot of peach. Every exit, there is something peach related. I bought some peach jelly, old fashioned peach butter, and peach cider. I also got some fresh peaches to try. The owner of the store told me that it was just picked yesterday and to wait a few days for it to soften before I eat it. I ate it a few days later and it was very fresh and bursting with flavor.

It was a very long drive to and from Atlanta so I started the audio books and I definitely like it! The Game of Throne book is very difficult to get through because there are so many characters in the beginning, but about halfway through I started to remember who the characters are. I think the audio book is about 25 hours long, so its perfect for my road trip, but can be very long for your average commute.

I did my best to try to make it to Lexington, KY but I got slowed down by winding mountain roads through Kentucky, despite the speed limit being 70mph for most of the way. I stopped at a rest stop about 30 miles from Lexington and decided to get a ride there the next morning.

How Can You Help?

I have set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise additional money for charity. It will be running for the next few months. Below is the link to the campaign:

GoFundMe Rideshare Dashboard Mental Health Drive

Even a dollar will go a long way so give what you can and it will be deeply appreciated!

You can also help by emailing ridesharedashboard at gmail.com with travel advice, what to see in each of the below cities and your best food recommendations. I have travelled extensively abroad, but I will be visiting many of these states for the first time.

Want to Know Where I am now?

I will continue to post regular updates of my trip on my Facebook Page and my Twitter feed so look there to keep track of where I am! I usually move through 4-6 cities a day so I’m definitely a moving target.

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