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Mental Health Charity Drive: Day 1: 6 Hours for 1 Lyft

Mental Health Charity Drive: Day 1: 6 Hours for 1 Lyft

I started my trip today from Boston at around noon. My first Lyft ride was with my wife and a short trip to the post office before I said goodbye to her for about two weeks. This gave me my one Lyft in Boston before I headed to my next destination in Cape Cod. It turned out to be an extremely long day.

I drove down to Cape Cod in the middle of the day on Thursday (yesterday) so I didn’t hit much traffic. I got down to Sandwich, MA in decent time. Now I was trying to hunt for a ride. I did get one about an hour in but she was about 15 minutes away. I tried to drive back towards her, but I think she wanted someone closer and kept cancelling.

I took a look at the rider application (it is now a separate part of the Lyft app) and saw where most of the cars where. Many were around Hyannis so I went there to try to get a ride. I was there for about two hours and got nothing. There were a few other cars in the area, but I didn’t seem as if anyone was getting any rides. There were tourists around, but it was fairly empty since it was a Thursday. I then tried to wait near the ferry but even with a ferry coming in, there were no Lyft requests.

I decided to hike out to Dennisport on a local road to try to get some requests. I still came up empty. I drove back to Hyannis and stayed there for another hour. I decided to leave towards Sandwich and Bourne and that was when I got lucky and got one short trip.

It was a family of 4 with a small infant. They didn’t have a baby seat, but I really needed this ride so I didn’t refuse them for not having a baby car seat. They were only going about 2 miles so it was a short trip. They needed to fit in a baby stroller but I didn’t have any room in my trunk. I had a few things I needed to drop off in NY but didn’t think a passenger in Cape Cod needed the trunk space. I explained to them why my trunk was full and they were a bit surprised by my trip. I did apologized a few times for having the stroller in the car with 4 people as well (5 including me).

He asked to stop at the market. When he went in, I was just making small talk with the passengers. I found out they were visiting from London and we quickly talked about the EU referendum and how their entire family voted via proxy (Britain voted to exit the EU, 51% to 49%). A few minutes into the conversation, the baby threw up! Luckily, most of it got on the mom and my seats were spared. She got out and cleaned herself and the baby before getting back in the car. The dad came out and saw the aftermath of this whole ordeal. The perplexed look on his face was priceless.

We packed back into the car and I drove them another mile to their vacation rental. They all piled out and I ended the Lyft ride. It was definitely one of the more memorable Lyft rides so far.

Once I finished the Lyft, I made a beeline to Providence, which was surprisingly 90 minutes away. I didn’t think it would be that far. I made it to Providence just around 8:45pm and got a Lyft ride right after going up College Hill. They were visiting their niece who is attending summer classes at Brown. It was another short trip, from College Hill to Federal Hill. Once I completed the Lyft, I took a quick video and posted it to my Facebook Page and made my way to New York City.

There was a bit of construction along the way, and I stopped for gas and food and also took about a 30 minute nap to make it down to New York City. It only took about 4 hours total, so it wasn’t bad.

I finally made it to New York City around 1:30am. I had to address some server issues and write up a quick post but I will definitely be sleeping in today and getting a late start on tomorrow.

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