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Lyft $500 Signup Bonus in June, $2000 in LA, $1000 in NYC

Lyft $500 Signup Bonus in June, $2000 in LA, $1000 in NYC

The bonus in Los Angeles is increased to $2,000, but only after 500 trips in 60 days. That is 250 trips a month, or 63 trips a week. That is about a 20-25 hour work week on Lyft for 8 weeks. At an average trip cost of $10, you’ll will earn about $5000 in 2 months, or $7000 total for 2 months once the bonus is achieved. This is better than the previous bonuses but may be difficult for new drivers. 25 hours a week for 8 weeks isn’t that bad, but can be tiring if you are also working full time. I typically drive about 15 hours a week with my full time job.

Lyft has steadily increased the signup (referral) bonuses over the last three months, but they have seemed to have lowered them in many cities over the last two weeks. In addition, the bonus in New York is still $1000, but only after 150 trips in 45 days, which is fairly easy. I am unsure if Lyft Line rides count for 2 or just one ride.

Note that this is a bonus on top of your ride earnings, so in Los Angeles, you can net about $7000 for these 500 trips (about $10 per trip in fares, and then $2000 bonus). Not bad for working part time for two months.

I was working almost nonstop this time last year to get a different $1000 bonus after 50 trips and we only had a week to do it with snow on the ground. You can read more about it here: How I earned $1750 after 50 Lyfts in 21 Hours across 3 days. If I did 50 trips after working my full time job on two weeknights and a full weekday after flying back to Boston on a redeye, anyone can do the required number of rides on just weekends alone (3 weekend days for 50 trips, 6 days for 100 trips). I have to comment that I didn’t drive on any rideshare service for the next two weeks because I was still recovering, so I wouldn’t recommend this strategy long term.

If I can get 50 trips between Monday morning and Wednesday night with six feet of snow everywhere, you can definitely do 50 or 100 trips in 30 days. Realistically, that is only 3 trips a day and I used to do about 6 trips on weeknights in addition to working all night Friday and all night Saturday. However, 250 in a month (for two months) is quite a stretch more than this and I would guess many drivers who signup for it won’t make it, unless they are already driving full time as a taxi driver or for Uber.

These bonuses were much a bit higher just a month ago. Lyft seems to be adjusting them based on their need for drivers in various cities. I would expect the signup bonuses on Uber to be slightly higher than they were a month ago as well but nowhere near the levels of Lyft’s bonuses. You can see a short list of Uber’s referral bonuses in this post.

Bonus in Los Angeles: $2000
Bonus in New York City: $1000

Here is the list of cities with $500 bonus:

Here is the list of cities with $350 bonus:

Here is the list of changes from last two weeks. The changes went live yesterday:

How do I sign up?

To sign up for the above bonuses, you can use my referral link here to sign up for Lyft!

How to earn another $500 from Uber

You can also sign up for Uber and get $500 bonus from them as well! (Bonus varies by city so email your local Uber office to verify your signup bonus)

Here are the requirements:

You can sign up for Uber and get up to $500 with this form. I would recommend you sign up for Lyft, get approved, and then sign up for Uber afterwards.

Complete Lyft Bonus List:

This list is of the current Lyft signup bonuses as of March 9th. The right columns show the fare difference between Lyft and Uber. If it is positive, than Lyft is higher. If Uber is higher, the number would be negative. If it says Lyft on the right column, it means that Lyft has higher fares in that city. In most of the cities, Lyft fares are is higher than Uber so there is a dual benefit for drivers, the signup bonus and higher fares on Lyft.

City of New DriverNew Driver Bonus AmountRide Requirement in 30 days
Inland Empire5030
Lake Tahoe1030
Los Angeles2000500***
New Jersey35075
New Orleans20030
New York City1000150**
Orange County500100
San Diego10075
San Francisco250100
Silicon Valley100100
Washington, D.C.20050

**Rides required must occur within a 45 day period.

***Rides required must occur within a 60 day period.

Note that you don’t need to be an Uber driver to sign up for these promotions so you can be a brand new driver before signing up for this offer. This is a great way to get started with Lyft and try it out for 30 Lyfts. If you don’t like it, simply quit after doing the required Lyfts and getting your signup bonus.

Terms of the promotion:

The referred new driver must:

Please note:

Once these requirements are met, the referred new driver will see the bonus 1-2 direct deposits after the ride requirement is met. The referring passenger will see the credits in their Lyft account 1-2 weeks after their referral’s ride requirement is met.

How Do I Sign Up?

To sign up, you can use my referral link here to sign up for Lyft!

[Note, I will also receive the bonus for you to sign up and complete the trips. If you prefer to help out a friend, you can ask anyone you know who is a Lyft driver to sign up with their code and you both can get the same bonus.]

What if I am already a driver?

Well do you know anyone who isn’t driving on Lyft yet? Refer them to drive on Lyft with your own referral code and you and your friend can earn the bonus! It is that easy. Also, you would know if your friend would still continue to drive on Lyft or not so definitely pick people you know that would get the Lyfts done but maybe quit afterwards so you can get your bonus and not risk increasing the driver pool. I have done this a few times myself and none of my personal referrals are still driving in Boston so we both got our bonus but didn’t further dilute the driver pool.

Have more questions about Uber or Lyft? Head on over to our Rideshare Driver Training Course! Driver Promotions
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