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Uber Cuts Fares in New York and 26 Cities in Jan 2016

Uber Cuts Fares in New York and 26 Cities in Jan 2016

Earlier this month, Uber cut prices in 80 cities and Lyft reduced prices in about 30 markets after that. Today, Uber continued to cut prices in 27 more markets, including New York City that avoided all of the fare cuts over the last 18 months. Uber has now reduced prices in a grand total of 117 cities (the total count in 2015 is 52 in total) and Lyft gave cuts to 30 of their own markets in the past month:

In the articles earlier this month, many news outlets reported that Uber would be lowering fares in 100 markets, but at the time they had only lowered 80 markets (my list has 77, with Atlanta, Nashville, and New Orleans lowered back in December). I have been downloading the fares everyday and finally found that they lowered fares in a few more cities today. The total count today was 27 cities, which brings up the total to 107 cities in all, starting from December 2015. I will be looking for Lyft to respond to at least the price cut in New York City very soon.

Here is the summary of the fare cut:

Here is the full list with UberX data. Below is the percentage decrease in each of the categories:

CityBase FareMinuteMileUberX
‘Ann Arbor’23%17%31%24%
‘Baton Rouge’29%40%33%34%
‘College Station’47%40%34%41%
‘Columbia, MO’23%50%28%34%
‘Fayetteville, AR’56%25%39%40%
‘Lafayette, LA’43%40%37%40%
‘Lancaster, PA’38%40%40%39%
‘Lehigh Valley’38%40%40%39%
‘Mobile, AL’25%25%36%29%
‘New York City’15%13%19%15%
‘Peoria & Bloomington-Normal’10%25%55%30%
‘San Antonio’0%44%25%23%
‘South Bend’42%40%40%41%
‘Western MA’50%48%48%49%

Here are the new prices:

Base FareMinuteMile
‘Ann Arbor’10.150.9
‘Baton Rouge’
‘College Station’10.151.15
‘Columbia, MO’1.350.251.3
‘Fayetteville, AR’1.10.151
‘Lafayette, LA’10.150.85
‘Lancaster, PA’
‘Lehigh Valley’
‘Mobile, AL’
‘New York City’2.550.351.75
‘Peoria & Bloomington-Normal’
‘San Antonio’10.10.9
‘South Bend’
‘Western MA’10.110.62
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