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Falcon F360 Dashcam Review for Uber Drivers

Falcon F360 Dashcam Review for Uber Drivers

Searching on Amazon, this was the best rated dual dashcam. It is a bit pricey around $160, but it has exactly what the drivers need. It has two cameras right on the mirror, both can be turned 360 degrees so you can face one of them forward and one of the in the interior. Some drivers just focus the interior camera on themselves but mostly aimed at the middle of the backseat so it captures everything in the car. I got it last week and below is my review of it.

You can purchase the device in the below link:

So let’s start off with the features list:

  • 180-degree rotating 120-degree viewing angle high-resolution wide-angle lens;
  • 3.5-inch LCD screen allows a preview of what is being recorded unlike other DVRs;
  • Night vision for interior clips and shots : change to night vision mode by long pressing mode when the camera is not recording
  • Auto-record when power is turned on the DC power port
  • HD Cameras – You can either record with one camera at 1080p or two cameras at 720p.
  • Dual Cameras – you can change from recording on one camera to two cameras or just photo mode by pressing on/off button when camera is not recording.
  • Loop Recording: Record in 3, 5, or 10 minute clips (or loops) or continuous recording is an option. Loop recording insures the SD card will never fill up and you will always capture the latest footage.
  • HDMI Mini 1.3 Output: With HDMI 1.3, simply plug the F170 HD into any HDMI ready TV and view your footage or pictures on the big screen. (HDMI Mini cable not included).
  • SD Card (Included): It comes with a genuine 32GB Class 10 UHS1 SD card. It is a micro SD card with a SD to Micro SD adapter. I would recommend using a regular SD card due to performance. I have used the included micro SD card and it transfer at about 30MB/s, so it is plenty fast.
  • Built-in microphone / speaker function,
  • Supports up to 32GB high-capacity SD cards;
  • TV and HDMI HD output.
  • Loop recording allows old file to be replaced automatically with new files,
  • 1 Year Manufacturer warranty included


  • Assembly was a snap. There are spring loaded clips behind the mirror and hooks into it nicely.
  • It also comes from some adhesive wire management tabs to help you run the wires where you like to.
  • The size of the mirror is large but small enough to fit in between the two visors.
  • The mirror is large and quite nice. When the monitor is off, you can barely tell that the monitor is behind the mirror.
  • The monitor automatically shuts off after a maximum of 30 seconds, and you can set it between 5-30 seconds.
  • The power adapter is at a right angle so there are no clearance issues between the mirror and the top of the car
  • You can choose to record the camera on the left, camera on the right, both, or just photo mode. You can also play back previous videos as well.
  • The monitor display is of decent quality and it is 3.5″ tall.
  • The video quality is ok. It is fine for the daytime and decent for nighttime.
    • Day: The white balance is just slightly off. It can be a bit too bright in direct sunlight. Anything that is lit directly by the sun will be way overexposed, but the rest of the image looks fine. It is enough to see cars and objects in front of you. There is not enough detail to read license plates though, even when pulled up behind the car in front. The cameras do have very good low light capability.
    • Night: There are infrared lights on both cameras and you need to turn it into night mode by long pressing MODE when the camera isn’t recording. The small IR LEDs are not enough to light anything in front of the car and barely enough to see much when it is pointed into the interior of the car. The cameras have good low light capability so you can see some things in front of the car at night. In the interior, you can barely make out faces only when they are leaning forward near the back of the front seats. You can see the front seats well if they are pointed properly. If the interior lights are on, you can see everything clearly but when its off, it is hard to see the items or people inside the car. When the car passes by any kind of light, you can see objects or people illuminated by it.
  • The audio quality is decent but can be covered up by road noise at highway speeds. At normal city traffic and speeds the microphone can pick up speech by the driver and passengers. (I have not tried at highway speeds, but driver should definitely be audible).
  • The on and off chime is a bit loud and annoying.


I think this is the best dual dashcam on the market without too many manual improvements. The only thing I would suggest is to find some way to light the interior cabin with IR light but that passengers won’t stare into at the risk of damaging their eyes. The cabin needs more IR light for the dashcam to work at night. You can also put in some low ambient lighting so that the dashcam can see the rear passengers.

Also, there is a cheaper version of this camera. The above mentioned dashcam in this post is highly rated but this one below only has one rating and it is only 3-star. It is probably the same Chinese manufacturer but different firmware or software associated with it. You can save a bundle, but am unsure about the quality of the dashcam.

Here are the test videos from the Falcon F360:



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