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How to Survive the Winter Uber Slump

How to Survive the Winter Uber Slump

The winter holiday season is in full swing with Thanksgiving tomorrow (or today or yesterday, depending on when you are reading this). That means many people will be going home to spend time with family, which usually means less people going out. Less people going out means less rides. Las Vegas seems to be the rare exception to this rule as I am hearing a lot of people going to Vegas for Thanksgiving.

As we roll past Thanksgiving, it is official Christmas season and there may be a good week or two after Thanksgiving of rideshare before people go on vacation or home for Christmas. Usually college students are home or on vacation, which drags down demand overall during this time on Uber and Lyft.

New Years Eve is the one bright spot during this holiday season, but it can be a total hit or miss. In Boston, surge didn’t really turn on until much later, around 1-2am, nothing nearly as bad as NYE 2013-14.

Demand usually don’t pick up until mid January when most people are back from vacation and college students are back in school. It is still generally less demand until Valentines day and St Patricks Day. The demand for rideshare usually builds during these winter months until April-May when the weather gets nicer. In Boston with all the snow, demand was through the roof and there was surge pricing almost nonstop for a few weeks. This was a rare incident, but shows that it is possible to be very busy during the winter.

How can you survive this slump?

Hopefully some of these tips will help you get a few extra dollars for the holiday season. Do you have a plan for the winter? Feel free to chime in the comments below!

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