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How to Double your Lyft Signup Bonus

How to Double your Lyft Signup Bonus

I wrote about this last year when Lyft and Uber were giving out very generous signup bonuses. My friend signed up at the right time and netted $1000 in just two weeks, $500 from Lyft and $500 from Uber. Lyft has brought back their generous signup bonuses so drivers in these cities can get up to $1250 by signing up for Lyft first and then waiting for Uber to update their $500 promotion for Lyft drivers:

I apologize for misleading you when I said double in the title. For those Lyft cities that are offering a $750 bonus, you’ll get $500 more so you’ll increase it by 2/3. For those in cities giving out $500, you will double your bonus. For those with less, you’ll get more percentage-wise.

What about Sidecar?

Also, keep in mind that Sidecar still has their $100 bonus after 10 rides. Remember that if you can do shared rides, each ride counts. So lets say I pick up and drop off two or three different groups of people at once, then it counts as 3 rides, not one. There is a possibility you can get the bonus only after 3 hours (assuming two rides an hour and two shared rides during those hours). In addition, deliveries count towards this bonus.

Now for existing drivers, this benefits you too. Remember you can get your friends, relatives, or anyone you know to sign up for these services. Tell them to sign up for Lyft first (up to $750 for both of you) and then Uber ($500 after being a Lyft driver). That is an easy $1000 for both of you! Be creative and you’ll earn at least a few hundred more this summer by doing this. Also, if you don’t want to dilute the driver pool, find a person who you know will quit after they get the bonus. The one personal friend I referred in the above story hasn’t driven since he got his $1000.

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