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How to Overcome the Slow Summer Rideshare Season

How to Overcome the Slow Summer Rideshare Season

I lived through the full year last year and the summer slump was real and deep in Boston. Other drivers have noted that last year, but drivers are starting to see it this year. In Boston, the Harvard graduation was last week and MIT still has its graduation this past weekend but that will start the huge summer slump that usually lasts until August when more people come back from vacation and some college students return for the fall session.

As the weather gets better, there is a decrease in demand due to:

Now, there are still plenty ways to cash in during the summer:

There are fewer hours that Surge or Prime Time is in effect so you really need to make them count during the summer. Full time drivers will notice the summer slump more than part time drivers, but as always, check the passenger apps to see if there is any Prime Time or Surge pricing to see if its busy enough to drive. There are sometimes where it is very busy out but there is no prime time. You can stay busy but keep track of your income to make sure that are making enough for you to continue driving. Some nights, I can stay busy but only earn about $20 an hour because of the lack of Prime Time.

Driving on More than One Platform

If you only drive for one platform (Uber, Lyft or Sidecar), now is a good time to sign up for the other service and try them out. They are all giving out some good signup bonuses if you sign up with them as a new driver. When it gets slow out there, it definitely helps having two or three apps on at once so you can at least get a request from one of the apps. I used this effectively to increase my income last summer by a few dollars an hour. You should always be checking in between trips to see if the surge or PT is higher on the other service. It could make a big difference during the summer.

Here are a few posts highlighting the signup bonuses for each service if you were interested in signing up for them:

Non-driving Income:

Here are some other non-driving ways to earn money from Uber, Lyft or Sidecar:

Have you seen a decrease or increase in rides in the last few weeks? Will you be using the above tips to help increase your income? Let me know in the comments below!

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