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SherpaShare Announces Mileage and Earnings Tracking iOS App

SherpaShare Announces Mileage and Earnings Tracking iOS App

I’ve been using Sherpa since they started back in early 2014 and am their 7th user. Their interface and services came a long way since I first started using them, including adding tax deductions, expense tracking, mileage tracking, automatic Uber, Lyft and Sidecar income gathering and many more features.

Today, in a smartphone driven world, everyone prefer using native apps to access certain information. With so many features and data provided by Sherpashare, it can be hard to navigate using the mobile browser. Starting today, you can get the Sherpashare iOS app. Here is a short list of the available features:

They have been running their beta software for a few weeks now and finally releasing it for others to use and track their own expenses, deductions, and earnings, right from an app. Unfortunately at this time it is only for iOS so I haven’t had a chance to try it yet.

You can find the Sherpashare App here on the Apple App Store.

Below is a statement written by Ryder about the app and Sherpashare:

SherpaShare automates the process of seeing your income in one place and provides insights to help drivers decide when to drive, where to drive, and who to drive for.

SherpaShare, a Bay Area based sharing economy analytics company, is announcing the release of its mileage tracking in iPhone, to help app­based drivers track their complete mileage and time on the road.

The new iPhone app will allow drivers to see their total mileage and potential tax deduction, as well as have the option to compare this to their total driver earnings.

SherpaShare helps on­demand workers optimize their work and earn more. Currently, SherpaShare is helping around 5% of US rideshare drivers track their earnings and expenses via a web dashboard. Today, drivers can automatically integrate earnings from several companies, including from Uber, Lyft, Sidecar, and Postmates and get insight into how they’re performing. Drivers can also benchmark earnings with averages from their city.

SherpaShare, based in the Bay Area, was founded in early 2014 by Jianming Zhou and Ryder Pearce to help on­demand workers, particularly rideshare drivers, better understand their earnings and opportunities. According to SherpaShare data, over 2/3rds of on­demand drivers in the US work for 2 or more platforms. SherpaShare automates the process of seeing your income in one place and provides insights to help drivers decide when to drive, where to drive, and who to drive for.

Contact information:

Ryder Pearce, co­founder ryder@sherpashare.com

Jianming Zhou, CEO, co­founder jz@sherpashare.com

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