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Lyft Driver Portal Gets a Makeover

Lyft Driver Portal Gets a Makeover

If you haven’t logged into the driver portal, then you missed that Lyft updated their driver portal two days ago. One of the minor changes is that your driver photo shows on the upper left hand corner, rather than your current Facebook photo in the “old” style website.

The biggest change was the Driver Summary page. Scroll down to see the changes. I am listing them in menu order.


It got a style makeover to modernize it a bit. There was an issue with the recruiting page during the days they were updating the theme.

Passenger Referrals:

This screen looks the same. It has a different theme to the rest of the site anyway.


Still on the old theme:

Driver Referrals:

Still on the old theme:

Driver Summaries:

This was where most of the change was. Now it lists all of your weekly and daily summaries on the page. Instead of the drop down menu, it lists them in order, so the newest ones are at the bottom:

Yearly Stats

This page got a style makeover but nothing too drastic. Two days ago when the new theme was live, this page had an error in it. It seemed that they fixed the issue but my driver mode miles is still not showing up:


This page still has the old theme:


My thoughts:

Overall, I like the changes they made. I hope that they update the themes for the other pages so everything has the same look and feel. Much of this website was a mixture of different visual themes and it would be nice to just have one. It doesn’t change how effective the portal is but much more appeasing to drivers who use it on a daily basis.

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