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Detailed Analysis of Uber, Lyft and Sidecar Guarantee and Driving Bonuses

Detailed Analysis of Uber, Lyft and Sidecar Guarantee and Driving Bonuses

So in the past few weeks, there were some crazy hourly promotions here in Boston and in other select cities (Chicago, Dallas to name a few). There were as high as $60/hr on Uber and Lyft on different weekends. I managed to cash in on Uber’s Guarantee for most of the time, but I skipped Lyft’s guarantee because I was mainly burnt out from driving so much earlier this month and also that they had a 2 Lyft/hr minimum. The guarantees can be different in every city, in terms of both amount of money and qualifications. I heard the same weekend Lyft was offering $60/hr in Boston, it was a similar rate down in DC but it was only 1 Lyft per hour there.

So here’s a detailed analysis of Uber, Lyft and Sidecar Guarantee and driving bonuses:


Lyft’s hourly promotion had a rocky start when they first did it back in Halloween. They have done it in the past as part of the new city bonus but it had been over six months since they done something like that. Lyft definitely worked on it during Q4 2014 and luckily now the hourly promotion payout is now automated so drivers should see this in place this week. In previous months, the guarantee payout was delayed by a week or more and drivers didn’t really know if it was accurate until they did the calculations themselves. Usually it was under what they expected.

Lyft is experimenting with a few different promotions, like guaranteed PT, and also significant bonuses for completing a certain number of trips by existing drivers. I definitely cashed in on $1000 after 50 trips. I made $1750 in just three days with that promotion.

Driving Bonuses:


They generally have the highest dollar per hour promotions and the lowest trips per hour requirement but it can come with a restrictive coverage map. Even during some of these crazy promotions this year, Uber has stayed sufficiently busy as now they are having a harder time attracting new drivers. At $60/hr, I was still averaging just slightly under 3 trips an hour, which was even higher than Lyft during a normal weekend. When they had these promotions last year, my number of trips was lower, but still easily qualified for the promotion.

They have also been known to experiment with some odd bonuses, such as minimum fares or bonus for every trip taken.

Hourly Guarantee:

Driving Bonus:


This is something generally overlooked by many rideshare drivers but it can provide a nice source of income if Lyft and Uber doesn’t have a guarantee of their own. They also have been targeting weekday morning and nights in addition to Friday and Saturday nights so it can provide a small boost to your income if you see and take part in these promotions from Sidecar. Some of their promotions are the entire weekend (Friday 5pm-Sunday 11:59pm) so make sure to compare the promotions with Sidecar to the ones from Lyft and Uber.

Hourly Guarantees:

Driving Bonuses

Things to Consider When Driving During These Promotions:

You should sign up if you intend to drive during that time. It never hurts to sign up even if you think you can exceed it. Its a nice safety cushion in case you get a lot of rides without surge or PT.

Here are the various things to consider when signing up for these promotions:

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