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Youtube Interview: UberMan – Best Video Resource

Youtube Interview: UberMan – Best Video Resource

So when I go on the internet, inevitably I will run into Youtube. I don’t watch Youtube nearly as much as some other people I know, but I’m on there maybe a few times a month, more if I want to listen to a song or two.

A few months ago, I found many Youtube videos about various driver’s perspective on driving for Uber and Lyft and these one of my motivations on putting some videos on Youtube. Eventually I found Randy (UberMan) on Youtube. A few months ago, I found a few of this videos, but in the last two or three months, he has been posting about 5 videos a week on everything Uber, from tips on taxes to everything Uber related, in addition to a serious accident he got into two weeks ago (Uber Man Car Crash). He drives a few days a week and create videos about this daily and weekly driving experiences, all from Uber guarantees, demand on any given night to larger outlooks on Uber.

So I decided to interview him about a month ago and am posting this video very late at this point due weather and other personal travel that came up. I wanted to find out a bit more about him and what his hours were like and how he started driving on Uber. His story was very similar to many other drivers out there: He had lost his full time job and then within a few months, signed up and drove for Uber part time to pay the bills. Because of surge pricing on weekends, he managed to do well by only driving a few days a week but with the recent price cuts, he finds himself having to drive more for the same income. You can check out his thoughts on the new rates in this video: First Day of New Rates – $0.80/mi – How Did I Do?

Here is my interview with him. Hope you enjoy the video! Make sure to go on his Youtube Channel and subscribe as he is posting multiple videos on a weekly basis. Also, I have started my own Youtube Channel where I provide tax tips, walkthrough instructions on how to file your taxes, how to do passenger referrals, and more.

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