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Lyft Brings Back Pioneer Program – Free Rides in Select Cities

Lyft Brings Back Pioneer Program – Free Rides in Select Cities

Recently, Uber has been making a lot of progress with attracting new users to their service. After some additional financing they received, Lyft is rolling out some of their own programs to grow their own service.

The Lyft Pioneer Program is an incentive for new Lyft users. In the past, they have given out free rides over a period of a few weeks, or have given out a fixed number of free rides during a set period of time (a month, for example). This performed well to attract new users to Lyft and Lyft often used these programs to start up new cities.

The good new is that Lyft is bringing back the Pioneer program in a few cities:

Otherwise noted, the offer for new users is 10 Free rides at $20 each, which is really good. When you refer a friend in any of these cities, they will get another $20 credit in addition to these pioneer credits.

How does this affect me?

As a driver, you can definitely use this offer as part of your street teaming efforts for passenger referrals. Remember that Lyft doubled the passenger referral bonus to $10, so anyone who signs up under your link or code, you will get $10 and they will get $20 in addition to these free rides if they are in the above cities. You can mention this offer for new Lyft users to entice them to sign up with your code!

You can see my Youtube Video on two different ways to do Passenger Referrals:

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