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Youtube Interview – Ryder at Sherpa for Income Analysis

Youtube Interview – Ryder at Sherpa for Income Analysis


Sherpa is an online service that helps aggregate self employment income and helps people analyze and display the data. This review focuses on the service as used to help collect and analyze rideshare income, but it can help analyze airbnb, and a few other self employment income streams. Currently, Sherpa helps drivers analyze and display rideshare income from Lyft, Uber, and Sidecar.

Initially when I started using it last year, it was only collecting Lyft data through the use of daily and weekly summaries. It matured and Sherpa developed a way to import Uber income, and also Sidecar direct integration. They now offer income analysis of 8 different services that self employed workers.

I use the tool to graphically display my driving summary and also breakdowns of how much I make with each network (Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar).

Check out the interview I had with Ryder about his free service.


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