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How the New Uber Hourly Guarantees Work

How the New Uber Hourly Guarantees Work

So there have been a few drivers asking how the hourly guarantees work for Uber. Last week, Uber cut fares in 48 cities in the US and implemented around the clock hourly guarantees to make sure that drivers are still making money with the fare cuts. This happened last year in a few of Uber’s largest markets and many drivers in these markets are still making money. It is not as good as before the fare cuts but many still drive on Uber.

So in many cities with the fare cuts, they have announced around the clock guarantees. Here is a sample of it:

Here are the requirements for the hourly guarantees:

Here is how the Uber Hourly Guarantees work:

I will be putting up some tips on how to really maximize these guarantees in my online training course. It’ll go over some strategies I used when Lyft had similar guarantees.


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