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Comparing Uber, Lyft and Sidecar NYE Driver Promotions

Comparing Uber, Lyft and Sidecar NYE Driver Promotions

I received a text message from Uber last night:


Their promotion was $50/hr from 12am-3am. Drivers in other markets got a lower offer and I am unsure what the hours are for other cities. Feel free to list your offer in your city in the comments.

Two nights ago, both Lyft and Sidecar emailed their drivers about the NYE promotion they have.


Here was the one I received from Sidecar:



Here is the list of incentives I received from Lyft.



If you are in a city that has both Sidecar and Lyft and you are in one of the Lyft cities that has guaranteed 50% PT, the Sidecar offer is almost the same as Lyft. Sidecar is charging no commission and giving 25% bonus only if you exceed 5 hours, 7  rides and $120 in fares.

Lyft is guaranteeing 50% PT, so it is similar to Sidecar’s offer, but it doesn’t have as strict requirements as Lyft. Sidecar, you need to drive at least 5 hours on NYE whereas Lyft has no such requirement as the bonus is on every ride.

Uber offer is pretty good for after midnight as it is $50/hr. Even at $40/hr, it would be similar to that of Lyft. The hours and offer amount may be different in your city so check with other drivers in your city.

Throughout the night, evaluate which one has higher surge or PT and go with that. If Lyft has 50% PT in your city, make sure to only go with Uber if its 1.5x or higher. Overall, I think Lyft has a better guarantee with Uber being second only during the times of their guarantee. I think Sidecar will be a distant third unless you plan on working for more than five hours on NYE. There is always the risk that you won’t have enough rides on Sidecar in some of their smaller markets.

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