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Recent Sidecar Driver and Passenger Promotions

Recent Sidecar Driver and Passenger Promotions

This isn’t about the new driver promotion, which is still at $100 after 10 rides (offer valid as of 12/15, subject to change), or a $15 credit on your first ride as a Sidecar Passenger.

Sidecar has been doing a few promotions of their own that target both passengers and drivers over the past two weeks. I was hesitant to blog about it thinking it was a short term promotion but it may be longer term especially after their last round of funding a few months ago.

Sidecar reported to have record number of rides in the past two weeks mainly because of the free Shared Rides promotion they have been running (http://www.side.cr/sidecar-expands-shared-rides-to-boston-and-washington-dc/). In this post on Sidecar’s website, they noted an 40% increase in ridership. The promotion seems to be still be going on, despite that saying it was for the past weekend.

The above definitely got many more people to use Sidecar and got many more drivers out of the road. I won’t be posting the exact details of the driver promotions but here are the jist of the promotion:

To see the full details, log into the Sidecar Garage, Sidecar’s own personal online forum in order to check out the promotion in your city. I believe this promotion is only in a few of their cities so make sure to check first. If you cannot get into Sidecar Garage, email their support desk at support@side.cr.

The above promotions are especially tempting as Lyft and Uber has pulled back their promotions a bit for the holiday season. Uber also has a few promotions but only during a few hours whereas Sidecar’s promotion hour are longer and also valid during the weekday as well in some cities.

Has the above promotions gotten you out and drive on Sidecar? How much more did you drive for Sidecar with these promotions? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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