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Interview with a Lyft Driver Denied Medical After an Accident

Interview with a Lyft Driver Denied Medical After an Accident During an Active Lyft

Last week, one of my readers contacted me about her accident after I posted about how both Lyft’s and Uber’s Commercial Insurance doesn’t cover your medical bills even if you were not at fault. This occurred about two years ago so this was before both Lyft and Uber updated their insurance policies. However, this gap in medical coverage still exists, whether it was two years ago or it happened today.


The Lyft driver wanted to stay anonymous so there won’t be any details about him or her in this post. Here was a recap of the interview:

So when did the accident happen?

It happened about two years ago.

How did the accident occur?

I was at a stop light. The driver behind me didn’t stop in time as the driver was texting and slammed into the back of my car. The driver stayed on the scene.

Where you in an active Lyft?

I was on my way to pick up the passenger.

What happened with the insurance?

The other driver was at fault so he was liable for damages to my car and myself. The car was fixed but he didn’t have enough insurance coverage left over to cover my medical bills. My own medical coverage paid for the surgery and hospitalization. It has taken me about 9 months to get back to work.

How did your personal health insurance cover an auto accident?

I drove myself to the hospital and didn’t mention the car accident or Lyft. My personal insurance wouldn’t have covered me if I told them I was doing Lyft.

What was the response from Lyft?

They told me that I was not covered for my car or my medical bills as the insurance was only for liability. [To recap, this insurance was the old policy. Now the new policy covers collision but still no medical coverage.]

How Insurance Works in a Lyft Or Uber Accident

Here are two main scenarios when you get into an accident; either you were at fault or you were not.

If you are not at fault:

If you are at fault:

How well are you insured? Have you thought about what to do in the case of a Lyft accident? Are you ready to pay up to $2500 to fix your own car? Do you have a plan that covers your medical bills?

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