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Sidecar Doubles New Driver Signup Bonus to $100

Sidecar Doubles New Driver Signup Bonus to $100

[This promotion has ended as of June 12, 2015. Currently there is no promotion or incentive to sign up for Sidecar.]

Sidecar has increased their new driver bonus just in time for the holidays. They You get $100 when you get to 10 rides, which is much better than the old bonus. The old bonus was $50 after 10 trips.

(For Sidecar Drivers, check out an independent Facebook Group for Sidecar Drivers!)

Here is the registration process:

  1. Download the Sidecar driver app at http://www.side.cr/drivers/ with your cell phone.
    • The Sidecar Driver app is different from the passenger app. If you already use sidecar, you will need to download a separate app to be a driver.
  2. During registration, make sure to put in the referral code 9xxj6 or you won’t get the bonus!
  3. Follow the instructions on the driver app. It will ask you to take pictures of yourself, the car, your driver’s license, and auto insurance. The last step is to agree to a background check.
  4. You will get a call from Sidecar. He/She will ask why you want to be part of Sidecar. After the call, they will send you a car evaluation form. Complete and send back to Sidecar
  5. You will get a second call from Sidecar confirming that you are approved to drive for Sidecar!
  6. Give 10 rides and you get a $100 bonus (there is no time limit for this bonus).

Considering that the only other bonus is Uber’s $500 bonus for Lyft Drivers as Lyft ended most of their new driver bonuses, this is a good promotion. This is especially good for drivers who only have a 2 door car as they are not allowed to drive on Uber or Lyft with only a 2 door car.

You can get in on this deal by signing up for Sidecar with my referral code 9xxj6 at http://www.side.cr/drivers/. [Terms of this bonus is subject to change.]

Note that if you sign up with this code, we will get a referral bonus as well and you can help support this free site!

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