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Update on Lyft Halloween Driver Hourly Guarantee Bonus

Update on Lyft Halloween Driver Hourly Guarantee Payout

There was an hourly guarantee from Lyft during Halloween weekend. It started on Thursdays in many markets and matched Uber’s hourly guarantee for halloween. You can read more about the Lyft Halloween guarantee here. Many drivers noted that they had a lot of trouble getting two Lyfts an hour as there were so many drivers out on the road. I got very lucky to get two passengers an hour on Thursday and Friday.

Then there was a two hour outage on Lyft between 12am to 2am early Saturday morning that shortened the guarantee. Lyft responded that they would compensate drivers accordingly. Many drivers missed many requests while some drivers couldn’t even log in at all during those two hours. You can read more about it here.

Lyft Sends Emails about Halloween Bonus

So earlier this week, many drivers who drove during the guarantee got an email about payment of the guarantee. It had the subject: You’ve earned a special treat. They included the bonus amount from the Halloween guarantee in this email. However, many drivers noted that the amount was much lower than they were expecting.

Some drivers on the Lyft Regional Lounge got another email tonight that notes that they were adding in the rest of their guarantee. A few drivers who got the email said that the amount was exactly how much they were expecting. Unfortunately, I have not received this email yet so I can’t comment on it. I hope to have it resolved before next weeks paycheck.

So did you get the second email? Is Lyft now paying you correctly for your time spent driving for Lyft? Remember that you need to give out two rides an hour to be eligible for the guarantee so you won’t get the guarantee for hours that don’t meet this requirement. They seem to be standing by that requirement.

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