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Top 10 Ways Uber and Lyft is like the Mafia

Top 10 Ways Uber and Lyft is like the Mafia

Now I don’t actually believe that Lyft and Uber are the mafia or any type of organized group of that nature. In a recent conversation with Rideshare Diva (@ridesharediva), she asked me if this is what I think, and it got me thinking about it. Once you read this list, you have to admit the similarities are uncanny.

All of this is mostly humor and in jest but drivers can’t deny any of these are wrong.

Here are the top reasons why working for Uber and Lyft is like working for the Mafia:

  1. You are afraid to get pulled over and are told to avoid airports and authorities.
  2. Other people in your line of work claim that the authorities are out to get them.
  3. To do your line of work, you may be told to hide what you do from authorities.
  4. Every once in a while, there is a sting to remove some of your coworkers, but are quickly replenished like nothing happened.
  5. You are paid to bring anonymous people around town.
    • They can call you but you can’t call them after the drop-off.
    • You don’t know where they are going until you pick them up.
  6. If you don’t work often enough, there are consequences.
  7. Your line of work is illegal in many cities that can results in fines or incarceration.
  8. You and the “company” you work for often has run-ins with the law.
  9. Your friends question your line of work, either for personal safety or potential legality of it.
  10. You are told to drive with a clean car, nothing in the trunk. Theres extra money in it if you have extra “seats” or “cargo space.”

Here are many other observations that didn’t make the cut:

Reasons why Uber and Lyft can be considered a progressive Mafia:

Are there any other similarities you can spot? You can list them in the comments!

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