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Earn 20c/Gallon For $100 Spent at Toysrus, JcPenney, Olive Garden

Earn 20c/Gallon For $100 Spent at Toysrus, JcPenney, Olive Garden

I have written in the past about how I like Shell’s Fuel Rewards program as I can get cheap or close to free gas. You can see this post for a bit more information on that.

I noticed this promotion when I went on their website today:


Now this is a very generous offer. Its a Toy Store, Department Store and a restaurant. It expires by March but I have the feeling they may be ending this earlier than expected. Christmas is coming so it would not be hard to drop $200 or $300 on those stores and get up $0.60 off every gallon of gas. That could be worth up to $8 in total savings (calculated on 15 gallons of gas) just by doing what you normally do. The limit is 20 gallons per fill-up.

Remember that you can only use these savings at Shell stations so I recommend you find a nearby Shell station that offers competitive prices. One reader noted that Shell is about $0.50 more expensive a gallon and I have seen this in a few other places as well. Mines charge a few cents above the rest so I don’t mind it if I can save $0.60 a gallon.

Here are the instructions on how to set yourself up for discounted gas:

It’s that easy! So far I saved about $80 in gas by using the rewards program.

Have you every used this program before?

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