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Lyft Nationwide Halloween Outage Caused by Excessive Demand

Lyft Nationwide Halloween Outage Caused by Excessive Demand

So after Uber had their short 30 minute outage last night, Lyft responded with an outage of their own.

At around 12am-2am EST (or 9pm-11pm EST), Lyft had a nationwide outage. Here are some screenshots of the various screen I got from last night during the outage:

No passenger or driver could get onto the system. It was frozen for about two hours. Even when you could log in, it would error out eventually in driver mode.

Needless to say, it was frustrating for everyone: passengers who needed rides and drivers who wanted to work during the guarantee. I was trying to log in around midnight but was blocked. I then saw reports on the regional lounge that the system was down. I tried for another hour before giving up and going home.

Below was an email that was sent to a San Francisco Driver. A similar email was sent to other drivers in other markets. They noted that it was caused by excessive demand. 12am EST and 9PM PST are prime times for passenger rides. Hopefully Lyft will at least honor the guarantee for the drivers who were trying to get on the system.




It was definitely a frustrating night for both Uber and Lyft drivers tonight with the Uber outage at 9pm EST and then the two hour Lyft outage at 12am EST (9pm PST). Were you hit by the outage? How did both outages affect your night? Feel free to chime in the comments below!

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