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How to Get an Uber in Las Vegas On the Strip and Airport

How to Get an Uber in Las Vegas On the Strip and Airport

Uber launched in Las Vegas and Reno over the weekend. Local authorities crack down on the cars but Uber is appealing the decision, so for now they are still operating in Las Vegas. Interestingly enough, they are not allowing pickups from the airport and the Strip. I believe this is to keep a lower profile and reduce the likelihood of a crackdown, even though it is still going on.

As many Uber users already know, Uber geo-fences don’t work very well as you can get around it by moving your pin to somewhere nearby. Here are the two places you can do just that:


You can move it to an access road and you can get an Uber. The picture below shows no cars available but I was able to get a request out to the nearby road. You can then call your driver and tell them where you are in the airport. It is recommended you go to the passenger pickup area to wait for your Uber driver. (It is unclear if the authorities are cracking down on airport pickups at LAS as heavily as LAX, where it is illegal to pick up at the airport without a livery license and permit).


The Strip:

You can move your pin towards Old Vegas instead of being right on the Strip. You can call your driver and tell him which resort you are in. It is best to find a quiet place on the resort for the pickup. DO NOT try to be picked up on the main road on the strip. It is too easy to spot these types of pickups and the driver is at high risk of getting fined. Even requesting a pickup near the taxi stand can be of risk. You can try for the hotel entrance.

This strategy works in many other places and airports. Just

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