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Uber Crackdown Spreads to Philadelphia

Uber Crackdown Spreads to Philadelphia

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On Friday, Uber decided to start operation in both Las Vegas, Reno, and Philadelphia.

Crackdown Continues in Philadelphia

According to ABC news, a few drivers were fined $1000 and had their personal cars towed. The crackdown is ongoing as UberX is still not legal in Philadelphia. Uber will be reimbursing drivers for the fines and penalties but still a headache for drivers who were unaware that Uber was still illegal in Philadelphia.

In this past week, Uber has pushed to launch UberX in cities where they deemed UberX illegal. I am not sure why Uber wants to do this. It is a very high risk, high reward play in the rideshare space. They are definitely the only company that would even attempt it in this day and age of prosecution of rideshare companies.

Here is a quote from an Uber driver in Philadelphia:

“They said ‘We’re launching today, if you would like to come in and start working today, you can,” and that’s what I did. I started this afternoon,” said Rudakewich.

You can read more about the crackdown at the link below.


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