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Lyft Cuts the Driver and College Ambassador Program

Lyft Cuts the Driver and College Ambassador Program (in select markets)

The Ambassador program was part of the Lyft Driver Marketing Campaign (DMC) where drivers can participate in marketing Lyft in their local markets. They would get some materials to promote Lyft, such as customized cards for specific special events, or for specific universities. College Ambassadors can be college students as well and they can also earn a referral bonus for everyone they signed up, similar to other college student marketing programs.

After the DMC webinar was cancelled last minute this afternoon, some Lyft Ambassadors got this emails last night:

Hey Driver Ambassadors,

The Driver Ambassador program is just one of the many marketing initatives we’ve used to increase ridership in your city. Starting Nov. 1, we’ll be pausing both the Driver and College Amabassador programs in select cities, including yours. This means we will be terminating the Ambassador Agreements as of 10/31. During this time we will continue to invest in our most effective passenger growth channels and test new ways to bring you more rides.

We couldn’t be more proud and grateful for all the work you have put in growing our passenger community.


It is unclear at this moment which city got cut and which city kept their ambassador programs. This goes hand in hand with the recent cuts in passenger referrals and driver referrals. I wonder what else Lyft will be trying to do to either stem the financial loses or boost their balance sheets.

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