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Lyft Finally Pay Drivers Tolls Automatically

Lyft Finally Pay Drivers Tolls Automatically

The Lyft team has been working on this for a long time but they finally added the feature where they will be reimbursing drivers automatically for the tolls they incur when the passenger is in the car or on your way to picking up the passenger. It works for any tunnel or bridge, but at this time it doesn’t work for tolled roads. It was announced in select markets so it may not be available in your market.

Below is a picture of what it would look like. The reimbursement is in orange:


I think this is a great addition to Lyft but why did it take so long? Uber has had it since I began with them in December of last year. Zimrides started a long time ago as well so they can’t claim that Uber has been around longer. Uber had more money earlier to fuel their rapid development and growth, but Lyft should have implemented this feature a long time ago. It reduces a lot of work by drivers to submit the receipts and Lyft employees to manually process the toll payments. There is a small chance for abuse for drivers who get toll discounts due to where they live, but I can’t imagine they would be making too much money on it.

This is the only positive development from Lyft this week, with a string of bad ones as of late.

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